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Terry Hoknes personal picks for the 3 biggest books with best chance to increase in value being released each week.

Buy now and profit in the future !   Here is where to put your money if you can get them at cover price.

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Some weeks have bigger/better picks than others - so please do research and ask questions.  Not everyone of these will actually increase in value - these are the books that have simply the best odds of selling out and increasing.

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2017 11 22

Long Lost #1 - Scout Comics - new indie supernatural book could be surprise hit with super small print run

Apocalypse Girl #1 - Amigo Comics - super small print run from popular indie publisher

Doomsday Clock #1 - DC Comics - new mini-series ties into The Watchmen

2017 11 15

Jenny Finn #1 - Dark Horse - new mini-series horror series could be a surprise hit

Batman Who Laughs #1 - DC Comics - one shot of newer popular character

Dark Fang #1 - Image Comics - new ongoing series will sell out

2017 11 08

Iron Maiden #1 - Heavy Metal - comic mini-series based on heavy metal rock band - long term pick

Sink #2 - Comixtribe - first issue sold out and increased so it may happen again with this small print indie book

Port Of Earth #1 - Image Comics - new sci-fi ongoing series will sell out

2017 11 01

Spider-Gwen #24 2nd printing - Marvel Comics - scarcer new printing of 1st story appearance of Gwenom

GI Joe #245 - IDW Comics - a new female Cobra is coming - could this be a cameo 1st appearance

Power Pack #63 - Marvel Comics - a relaunch of this vintage title without new numbering could possibly be a surprise underordered hit