The Hoknes Comics "BIG 3"  = THIS WEEKS PICKS

Terry Hoknes personal picks for the 3 biggest books with best chance to increase in value being released each week.  Buy now and profit in the future !   Here is where to put your money if you can get them at cover price.   Learn more about these picks in our weekly speculator video    

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Some weeks have bigger/better picks than others - so please do research and ask questions.  Not everyone of these will actually increase in value - these are the books that have simply the best odds of selling out and increasing.  Email Terry Hoknes at (Any advance dated posts may change if publication release date changes and any significant news is revealed on any other books not yet listed)

2018 01 17

Teether #1 - Antarctic Press - small indie horror comic - they rarely publish horror comics so this could be a surprise sell out.

Ice Cream Man #1 - Image Comics - new ongoing series will sell out

Beast No More #1 - Amigo Press - one-shot of a movie to be released later in 2017 from this small indie publisher that has had many sell outs and hot titles.

2018 01 10

Stabbity Bunny #1 - Scout Comics - new indie horror title sure to sell out.

Old Man Hawkeye #1 - Marvel Comics - new 12 issue miniseries sure to sell out and go to multiple printings - cashing in on the popular Old Man Logan theme.

Witchblade #2 - Image Comics - relaunch of title sees #1 go to 2nd printing and that will likely happen with this new issue underordered.

2018 01 03

Planet Of The Apes Ursus #1 Boom Comics - 1:15 ratio variant homage cover to Planet of the Apes magazine #30 unpublished from 1977 by Marvel - very rare - retailers did not order this - could be a super long term pick for POTA fans

Cosmo #1 - Archie Comics - relaunch of 1950's sci-fi short lived series from Archie with big new launch

Underdog 1975 #1 - American Mythology - relaunch of 1970s tv cartoon series in comics - super small print run could be good long term pick for tv show fans