Top 500 Hottest Comic Titles during LATE APRIL 2016


Bi-weekly column and list compiled by comics historian Terry Hoknes of –

This chart is styled like the old classic Wizard Magazine Top 10 Hottest Comic charts that were published every month in the 1990′s.

This list is updated every 2 weeks. This list is compiled from my non-stop research of the current market. I believe these were the most demand and growing in value books this month. This list focuses on all regular edition covers. (Variants are not listed unless they have actuatlly heated up way above the potential initial high price for them for example 1:50 hits over $50.00). If you think I have missed any hot MODERN titles/issues please let me know. Here are my picks of what I believe are the hottest comics at this very moment from all sold out releases of MODERN comics online based on back issue sales ABOVE cover price.

Note these are all the “hot” recent sold comics that your comic shops will NOT have on the shelf for cover price. However many speculators will hunt their local comic shops looking for that “hot” book that is still on the shelf – sometimes you find them!

This market report is based on very current constant online sales. Number of sales online above cover and the amount above cover price are the criteria I use for ranking books highest on the list.     Usually books ranking highest in the top 40 are books that have made jumps in value since the very last chart.   These are the books that are likely increasing at this very moment.  Books ranking from #41-100 are usually big sellers and have recently jumped in the past months but have not climbed since the last chart.   Any comics ranked below the top 100 used to be hot books and do have a high value but are no longer expected to climb in value so be more cautious hunting those books out.   Data can get outdated quickly so I always suggest you look at ended sold auctions at to see what the most recent sales prices are on any listed books.  (If you spot an error or a forgotten book/price please let me know)

MARKET REPORT - Top 100 Comics increasing in value this week!

#1 HAUNTED MANSION #1 (MARVEL 2016)  All 4 covers sold out quickly in March 2016 to Disney collectors.  #1 regular cover selling as high as $25.00 by late March.  Even 2nd print selling up to $9.00.    #1 action figure variant has also hit $23.00 and #1 ratio variant has hit $25.00.  Sets have even sold up to $80.00 for all the #1 covers.          Issue #2 all covers sold out at Diamond quickly and went to 2nd prints.

#2 SPIDER-MAN DEADPOOL #1 2 3 (MARVEL 2016) Even with a high print run this entire series is sold out everywhere.  #1 is getting a 5th printing already and all issues have been reprinted with #1 so far hitting $20 and #2 hitting $10.00

#3 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN PRESENTS BLACK CAT #1 (MARVEL 2010) This J Scott Campbell variant has heated up to new heights hitting $500.00 for raw copies.

#4 KILLBOX #1 (AMERICAN GOTHIC PRESS 2016) New indie book sold out quickly and the regular cover and ratio variant both instantly jumped in price.

#5 BLACK EYED KIDS #1 (AFTERSHOCK 2016) New indie book low priced at $1.99 easily sold out and constant demand for regular and variants.

#6 CAPTAIN AMERICA SAM WILSON #7 (Marvel 2016) 1:100 Alex Ross variant - ultra rare hit $300.00 a week after release.

#7 NYX #3 (MARVEL 2003) 1st app Wolverines daughter X23. Continually selling high up to $200.00 raw.

#8 HARLEY'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK #3 (DC 2016) 1:25 Joseph Michael Linsner variant cover was underordered and instantly selling as high as $60.00

#9 POISON IVY CYCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH #1 2 3 4 (DC 2016) New mini-series has constant demand and sets of all issues are bringing way above cover price.

#10 SHERIFF OF BABYLON #1 (DC 2015) New vertigo series had small print run and sold out everywhere with copies dried up everywhere.

#11 HENCHGIRL #1 2 3 4 5 (SCOUT COMICS 2015) Small indie book #1 hit $50.00 after tv show rumour hit in April.   All 5 issues sold out immediately due to small print runs.  Rumour of new TV show in the works causing continous sellouts.

#12 NEW MUTANTS #87 (MARVEL 1990) 1st appearance of Cable continues to grow in value.

#13 SILVER SURFER #44 (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Infinity Gauntlet has driven up demand averaging $35.00.  Thanos cover story.

#14 X-23 #1 (MARVEL 2012) 1:25 ratio variant has proven to be hard to find and prices have jumped.

#15 OUTCAST #1 (IMAGE 2014) New title from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman sold out its hefty print run immediately and within a day of release was up from $2.99 to $15.99 before settling. 2nd printing on the way. TV Show news reported in July 2014 leading prices up to that point to fluctuate greatly with a high of $22.00 for #1 and $5.00 for #2.  By late 2015 it was starting to heat up again with new higher prices.

#16 BLACK PANTHER #1 (MARVEL 2016) New relaunch for 50th anniversary quickly sold out and went to 2nd printing.  Prices are rising!

#17 THE WALKING DEAD (Image) With the current season of the TV show airing speculators are continually jumping on the original comics that tie in to new episodes which are now currently up to about issue #69. Recent key issues:  #53 1st Abraham Rosita and Eugene / #67 & #68 1st Aaron / #69 1st Heath and 1st Alexandria safe zone / #92 1st Jesus / #98 Dwight - 2 printings / #100 Negan - all 3 printings / #105 Negan and Carl issue / #108 1st Ezekiel / #127 1st Magna / #132 and #138 1st Alpha. /  #144 Death of Ezekiel and many others.  Print run samples:   Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 335082 2012 7 / Walking Dead 100 $3.99 Image 21987 2012 8 / Walking Dead, 108, $2.99, Image, 67,423

#18 SUPERMAN: AMERICAN ALIEN #1 AND #2 (DC 2016) Hot new mini-series underordered and copies keep rising in price

#19 MONSTRESS #1 2ND PRINTING (IMAGE 2016) Title continues to grow in popularity and now the 1st 2nd and 3rd printings of #1 have started to skyrocket

#20 THE BOYS #1 (Wildstorm 2006) Garth Ennis optioned for TV - heated up to almost $100.00 in April

#21 SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #64 (Marvel 1982) 1st Cloak and Dagger - vintage key issue hit new highs in April up to $80.00 raw

#22 HARLEY QUINN SUICIDE SQUAD APRIL FOOLS #1 (DC 2016) 1:50 Jim Lee variant - rarest Harley Quinn ratio variant ever released and quickly hit $100.00 peak.

#23 GREEN LANTERN #20 (DC 2013) 1st app of Jessica Cruz in high demand as she is expected to become a new Green Lantern

#24 TEEN TITANS #89 (DC 2011) Robin 1:10 Quitely variant has hit up to $50.00 for this older variant.

#25 MOON KNIGHT #1 (Marvel 2016) 1:25 variant for new release series had high acclaim and prices are climbing.

#26 GHOST IN THE SHELL #1 (Dark Horse 1995) new movie news caused this 21 year old comic to hit new highs up to $100.00

#27 JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 AND #31 (DC 2015) 1st appearance of Jessica Cruz the new upcoming female Green Lantern

#28 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #129 (MARVEL 1974) 1st appearance of Punisher who recently got a new ongoing series and starred in the Daredevil netflix show so demand is as strong as ever for this major key book.

#29 DIRTY PAIR RUN FROM THE FUTURE #1 (DARK HORSE 2000) ADAM HUGHES variant heating up in April

#30 GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1 GWENOM VARIANT (MARVEL 2015)   She only appears on the cover but a new series is in the works so this heated up to $50.00 at its peak in March.

#31 HARLEY QUINN #26 AND 1:25 VARIANT (DC 2016) 1st appearance of Red Tool was not publicized in this issue causing shortage especially in the 1:25 ratio variant

#32 BATMAN #635 (DC 1999) 1st app of Jason Todd as Red Hood.

#33 HOWARD THE DUCK #1 2 3 GWENPOOL 1:25 variants (MARVEL 2015)  Rare ratio variant sold out and hit up to $125 a week after release for Gwenpoolmania for #1.  #2 hit $50.00.  #3 hit up to $60.00 for the 1:25 variants.  Gwenpool storyline continues through all 3 regular covers which sold out at Diamond as well. 

#34 JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 41 (DC 2015) Darkseid in issues #40-41 sold out quickly with price increases.

#35 JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE #6 (DC 1989) 1st Crimson Fox heated up in April to $20.00 on a few sales

#36 BATMAN #21 (DC 2013) 1st Duke Thomas rumoured to become the new Robin saw hundreds of new sales reaching up to $20.00 peak.

#37 HARLEY QUINN (DC 2013) #0 1 2 3 4 5 all sold out and have 2nd printings. Sets selling especially well up to $30 for #0-4 1st prints. #1 and #2 have many sales at $10.00 each.  The #1 1:25 Adam Hughes variant super popular with sales up to $300.00

#38 PREACHER (DC 1995) Once the hottest back issue almost 20 years ago and word of a new tv/movie in the works saw back issues reach for highest prices ever for #1. A raw copy hit $385.00 on Nov 24th 2013. #13 with 1st Herr Starr super hot selling up to $65.00 a copy in speculation of appearing in the new TV series. Issue #51 later also became super hot with a 100 Bullets preview.   Issue #42 became the next key issue as of April 2015 with new TV show character appearance.

#39 J. SCOTT CAMPBELL SPIDER-WOMEN 4 CONNECTING COVERS (Marvel 2016) 4 different variants had high print runs but still sold out and sets sold extremely well above cover.

#40 GREEN ARROW #51 (DC 2016) Death of Oliver Queen by Deathstroke - only 22,000 printed - small increase in price.

#41 STRAITJACKET #1 2 3 4 (AMIGO PRESS 2015) New horror title had only 1,000 print run making it one of the rarest new launched comics of the year and within a week of release hit $90.00 making it the fastest highest out the gate jump of the year for a new comic.  #2 also had small print run and hit up to $20.00 week of release.  Hoknes exclusive variants for #1 and #2 had print run of only 100 copies each and sold up to $20 each.   #3 continued the streak and sold out quickly with high prices up to $12.00    #4 sold out as well.   Hoknes exclusive variant for #4 had an extra small print run of only 35 copies and sold out quickly hitting $50.00 

#42 GREEN LANTERN #55 1:25 VARIANT LOBO COVER (DC 2016) Rumour of new Lobo tv/movie series caused higher demand for this scarce variant.

#43 GOTHAM ACADEMY ratio variants (DC 2014) 1:25 ratio hit $100.00 in Jan 2016 and even the small print 2nd printing of the regular cover hit $13.00   All of the 1:25 have made jumps.

#44 BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 (DC 1992) 1st app of cartoon version of Harley Quinn – super hot 1990's DC issue all year long.

#45 NEW MUTANTS #98 (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Deadpool – the hottest Marvel character of the 1990's.

#46 GWENPOOL #1 (Marvel 2016) 1:50 variant by Stacy Lee hit up to $85.00 the week of release.

#47 SUPERGIRL #16 (DC 2012)  Supergirl teams up with The Flash and interest growing as a TV show teamup is in the works.

#48 ROM #1 (MARVEL 1979)  Popular back issue rising in demand

#49 SECRET WARRIORS #2 (MARVEL 2009) 1st appearance Hive from Agents Of Shield TV show heating up.

#50 THE MICRONAUTS #1 (MARVEL 1979) Popular back issue rising in demand as a new comic series is about to debut

#51 HARROW COUNTY #1-4 (DARK HORSE 2015) Movie news caused this title to heat up in Dec 2015 on early issues.  #1 sold out everywhere and steady sales. 

#52 EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8 (MARVEL 2016) New apocalypse storyline begins and starting to heat up

#53 WINTER SOLDIER #1 (MARVEL 2012) 1:50 Dell Otto variant cover - many of this artists covers became super hot in March 2016 causing a huge new wave of interest.

#54 MOON KNIGHT #1 (MARVEL 2014) 1:75 Sienkiewicz variant.  Ultra rare - almost no stores would have ordered one of these and took 2 years for collectors to notice.

#55 THE GOON #1 (AVATAR PRESS 1999)  Hot indie title keeps growing in price now hitting over $100.00 for #1 and later issues #2-4 hitting $50 each.

#56 X-INFERNUS #1 (MARVEL 2008) J Scott Campbell female variant cover is one of many of his variant covers hitting record prices

#57 ORIGINAL SIN #2-8 (MARVEL 2012) Dell Otto variant cover - many of this artists covers became super hot in March 2016 causing a huge new wave of interest.

#58 IRON FIST #1 2ND PRINT (MARVEL 2012) Dell Otto variant cover - many of this artists covers became super hot in March 2016 causing a huge new wave of interest.

#59 DAKEN DARK WOLVERINE #1 (MARVEL 2012) Dell Otto variant cover - many of this artists covers became super hot in March 2016 causing a huge new wave of interest.

#60 TOMMY #1 (2016) Pants Down variant - only 100 made and instant sales of $100.00 week of release for this small indie

#61 CABLE AND X-FORCE #1 (MARVEL 2013) Deodato 1:150 variant - not too many of these were printed and now prices are catching up to rarity

#62 X-FORCE SEX AND VIOLENCE #1 2ND PRINT (MARVEL 2012) Dell Otto variant cover - many of this artists covers became super hot in March 2016 causing a huge new wave of interest.

#63 MARVEL PREMIERE #15 (MARVEL 1976) 1st appearance of Iron Fist - continually selling hot as a back issue with interest in the Jessica Jones TV show.

#64 SPIDER-MAN #2 (MARVEL 2016) Brand new 1:50 ratio variant features Captain America cover by J Scott Campbell - prices up to $70 week of release

#65 A-FORCE #3 (MARVEL 2016) Female roller skating 1:25 ratio variant caused some instant high sales at release.

#66 BATMAN BEYOND #10 NGUYEN variant (DC 2016) This variant was underordered in most stores and hit $7.00 immediately.

#67 MAD MAGAZINE #538 BLANK VARIANT (DC 2016)  The first time there has been a blank cover Mad issue for sketches - sold out everywhere with sales up to $12.00

#68 MS MARVEL (MARVEL 2014) #1-4 1st printing all sold out and interest high in new Muslim superhero and prices hit high of $50.00 for #1 regular cover and tons of higher sales on later issues.

#68 SILK #3 (MARVEL 2016) New ongoing series features 1:25 J Scott Campbell variant which quickly hit $100.00 within days of release.

#70 UNFOLLOW #1 (DC VERTIGO 2015)  TV show news led to sell out of #1 and #2 in Nov 2015.

#71 ESCAPE FROM MONSTER ISLAND #1 BOBA FETT variant (ZENESCOPE 2016)   Exclusive variant of only 350 copies featuring sexy girl dressed as Boba Fett hit $100.00

#72 AVENGERS STANDOFF WELCOME PLEASANT HILL GWENPOOL PARTY VARIANT (MARVEL 2016)  Only limited stores joined this party to qualify for book but quickly hit $25.00 day of release.   There is also a black and white version given only 1 per store that qualified and had a high price of $150.00 on day of release but then cooled down.

#73 RICK AND MORTY #1-10 (ONI PRESS 2015) TV show comic sold out 1st prints with sales from $10 to $20 each for the first 4 issues.  Tons of sales !  Variant sales keep increasing.

#74 NIOBE #2 RETAILER INCENTIVE (STRANGER 2016)  This 1:5 ratio variant was supposed to ship to all comic shops that qualified but Diamond either did not send out any copies or limited each store to just 1 copy causing an instant short and prices quickly hit $70.00

#75 THE GUN #2 SECRET RETAILER INCENTIVE (2016)  This book had a 1:10 ratio variant but then the publisher surprised retailers with a 2nd ratio variant that was never solicited through Diamond causing a surprise with collectors who quickly had problems finding copies.

#76 FLASH SECRET FILES #3 (DC 2001) 1st Hunter Solomon / Zoom - popular tie in to the TV show.

#77 HARLEY QUINN #25 (DC 2016)  Neal Adams did 25 different homage covers to himself in Feb 2016 at DC and this one was a quick sell out.

#78 BATMAN TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #1 AND #2 (DC 2016)  #1 had a high print run of 105,000 copies but yet sold out and went to a 3rd printing quickly.  #2 had a shorted print run of only 54,000 causing shortages everywhere causing #2 hit up to $25.00 a copy and then #1 was even hitting #1.   #3 has a 2nd printing now as well.

#79 DETECTIVE COMICS #49 (DC 2016)  Neal Adams did 25 different homage covers to himself in Feb 2016 at DC and this was the most popular one shooting up in value up to $15.00 instantly paying homage to his Batman #227 cover from 1970. 

#80 GRAYSON #17 (DC 2016)  Neal Adams did 25 different homage covers to himself in Feb 2016 at DC and this was one of a few that heated up instantly.

#81 DEADPOOL VS X-FORCE #1 1:25 J Scott Campbell variant (Marvel 2014) Many rare Campbell variants now reaching a few years old have proven harder and harder to find.

#82 X-MEN #205 (MARVEL 2008) 1:25 J Scott Campbell variant features 1st Hope Summers and growing in price.

#83 CAPTAIN MARVEL #14 (MARVEL 2013) 1:30 variant proved to be hard to find hitting record prices up to $700.00

#84 CAPTAIN MARVEL (MARVEL 2013) #17 features cameos of Kamala Khan the new Ms Marvel who now has her own new series. Sold out quick and went to 2nd printing. Copies so far up to $400.00 each for 2nd printings.  the 2nd printing features Kamala's first cover appearance ever and had very small print run.

#85 BATMAN #1-9, 35-40 (DC 2011) Most issues from #3-9 sell averaging $20-$30 each and #1 sells for up to $100.00. Complete sets of #1-10 bring $250.00. Batman is the #1 selling regular monthly comic book these days and it is the most valuable “complete set” of all current titles. #1 variants hitting record prices up to $500.00. Many later issues are starting to become minor key issues and lots of demand in various variant issues as well. The most popular comic book made today.   Endgame storyline was very popular in issues #35-40 and all sold out leading up to death of Bruce Wayne and the Joker in #40 which caused instant sellouts and 3 printings.  These issues all popular and range in $5 to $10 range each - sets are very popular.

#86 INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (MARVEL 1974) 1st full appearance of Wolverine is always in demand and the most valuable Marvel comic of the past 40 years and yet its hot again and prices in all grades selling above guide.

#87 FAITH #1 (Valiant 2016)  Huge media campaign for this book helped instant sellout of 1st and 2nd prints on the same date and the CGC homage variant heated up the best to $15.00 within week of release in Jan 2016.  The CGC variant cover shot up in value first but eventually even the regular cover heated up as print runs for all covers are quite low.

#88 DEADPOOL #6 (Marvel 2016) 1st app Deadpool 2099 sold out instantly in Jan 2016 and hundreds of sales over $10.00 immediately as Marvel does not print extras of Deadpool issues causing instant sellouts at Diamond.

#89 BATMAN #570 (DC 1999) 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in DC universe continuity growing in price.

#90 CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 1:25 Adam Hughes variant (Marvel 2016) Heated up instantly to $60 week of release in Jan 2016

#91 BATMAN #655 (DC 2008) Damian Wayne heating up in Jan 2016

#92 FLASH #30 (DC 2014) 1st app new Wally West heated up to $30.00

#93 NEW MUTANTS #25 AND #26 (MARVEL 1986) 1st app of Legion heating up in late 2015.

#94 ADVENTURE COMICS #12 (DC 2010) Darkseid variant DC 75th anniversary variant cover seems impossible to find with prices now at $250.00

#95 RED SHE HULK #58 (MARVEL 2014) Greg Horn sexy variant 1:50 has hit high of $150.00

#96 ALL NEW X-MEN #25 1:50 Frank Cho variant (Marvel 2014) X23 cover heated up recently.

#97 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #654 (Marvel 2010) 1st Agent Venom Flash Thompson up to $30 

#98 SUICIDE SQUAD #48 AND #49 (DC 1990) Joker storyline high in demand with tie's to new upcoming movie.   Both issues selling strong together or individually.

#99 GEORGE ROMERO'S EMPIRE OF THE DEAD #1 (MARVEL 2014) new movie news caused a giant spike in prices in May 2015 and again in late 2015.  



100 BULLETS (DC VERTIGO 1999) #1 and early issues all selling well with #1 up to $50.00 due to new tv/movie announcement.

A TOWN CALLED DRAGON #1 – #2 (2014) New small print indie #1 has sold out and heated up to $11.00 a copy and #2 sold out in advance of release. Print run of #1 was 3,400 copies in Sept 2014.

A VOICE IN THE DARK (Kickstarter Edition) This early original printing came out before Image Comics put out the official series. Copies hit a high of $60.00 on Nov 24th 2013. Regular Image edition has sold out but not yet risen.

A VOICE IN THE DARK #1 (IMAGE 2013) New movie/tv rumour news in Oct made the regular series jump in price immediately.  There is also an earlier rare kickstarter edition which has always been a hot book. (Kickstarter Edition) This early original printing came out before Image Comics put out the official series. Copies hit a high of $60.00 on Nov 24th 2013.

ABSOLUTE VERTIGO (DC 1995) A regular produced comic featuring another Pre-#1 appearance hit a high of $55.00 on Nov 24th 2013.

ACTION #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $8.00

ACTION COMICS #521 (DC 1981) 1st app of Vixen with new movie news has made this common issue a key issue now up to $40.00

ACTION COMICS #835 (DC 2006) 1st app of female Livewire in regular DC universe. Recent hot book and prices increasing quickly now at about $13.00 2nd-4th appearances are in issues #839 and #842 which should all sell out easily.

ADVENTURE TIME (KABOOM 2012) animated cartoon series numerous printings now. #1 is truly rare. $50 to $100 per copy of #1 first print. #2 currently in the $20-30 range. #3 $10. #1-6 have been reprinted with connecting cover image. #1-6 and #9-10 sold out from diamond.

ADVENTURE TIME SPOOKTACULAR #1 (2013) 1st app Steven Universe. 

ADVENTURES INTO FEAR #19 (MARVEL 1971) 1st appearance of Howard The Duck skyrocketed in demand after appearing in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that debuted on August 1st in theatres prices easily hitting $200.00 for VF copies

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #424 (DC 1987) 1st app of Cat Grant from Supergirl tv show.

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #14 (DC 2014) This low print run Superman title was mostly ignored so retailers did not order enough of this Joker cover which sold out instantly hitting up to $20.00 within days of release.

A-FORCE #1 (Marvel 2016) 1:20 J Scott Campbell variant brand new variant heated up instantly.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #1 (ARCHIE 2013) 4 regular covers and 52 variant exclusive store covers made this the hottest new comic released in Oct 2013. High critical praise and a rumour of a new movie based on this series helps keep the demand high. Sales up to $24.00 for #1 or $50.00 for a set of the 4 covers of #1. #2 now sells for $15.00.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE MAGAZINE #1 (ARCHIE 2014) Magazine sized format reprinting the comic sold out instantly with some higher sales.

AIRSHIP ENTERPRISE (ANTARCTIC PRESS 2015) Star Trek Steampunk indie title sold out quickly

ALIAS #1 (MARVEL MAX 2002) 1st app of Jessica Jones.  Decade old series announced to be turned into a new TV series drove demand up quickly with prices jumping again. Not to be confused with a different TV show from last decade with the same title. Demand for the character also brought renewed interest for the Spider-man series Pulse featuring Alias but prices have not yet gone up.

ALIAS #24 (MARVEL 2003) 1st Purple Man app in TV show Jessica Jones played by David Tennant.

ALL NEW WOLVERINE #1 LCSD (MARVEL 2015) Local Comic Shop Day was held on Nov 28th 2015 in only 30% of all comic stores in North America with very limited print runs on 20 different comics - all were sold out instantly and most jumped in value the day of release.  The biggest ones were Wolverine and Jughead #1 as well as Black Mask products and Oni treasury editions.

ALL STAR SQUADRON #25 (DC 1982) 1st Nuklon and 1st Infinity Inc and Jade and Atom Smasher.  This 80's comic has finally turned into a major key issue with rising sales.

ALPHA FLIGHT #17 (MARVEL 1998) 1st Big Hero 6. Sales up to $40.00 for this new key issue before the new movie from Disney appears.

AMAZING FANTASY #15 Volume 2 (Marvel 2006) 1st Amadeus Cho soon to appear in upcoming movie. Demand up to $120.00

AMAZING HEROES #16 (Fantagraphics 1981) 1st printed appearance of New Mutants heated up in Sept 2015 of this comic news magazine.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 (MARVEL 2014) 1st app of Silk who now teams up in the new Spider-woman ongoing series.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #418 (MARVEL 1996) Peter Parker’s stillborn baby issue became hot in Nov 2014 up to $10.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #529 (MARVEL 2006) 1st app of new costume and tie-in to Civil War heated up again up to $30.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #532 (MARVEL 2006) Civil War storyline heating up and this is one of the Key issues up to $20.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #620 (MARVEL 2008) Deadpool 1:15 variant keeps climbing

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #651 TRON 1:15 VARIANT (Marvel 2010) Many of the Spider-man rare variants of the past 5 years have constant demand and supply has dried up on many issues like this one that can sell for up to $150.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #678 (Marvel 2012) Mary Jane Venom variant cover is now possibly the most valuable comic of this century with sales over $2000.00

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #688 J SCOTT CAMPBELL VARIANT 1:50 (Marvel 2012) Many of the Spider-man rare variants of the past 5 years have constant demand and supply has dried up on many issues like this one that can sell for up to $150.00

AMAZING SPIDERMAN #700 DITKO VARIANT (MARVEL 2012) Normally I do not include variants if they just have a predictable higher market value due to small print run but I am including this issue as its truly was hotter than normal. It came out in December 2012 featuring the death of Peter Parker. But this rare variant was a 1:200 ratio which usually are worth about $100.00 but by January this comic hit a high peak of $1200.00 making it a record high sales price for any new comic in 2013.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (Marvel) 698-700 Death of Peter Parker storyline super hot in January – still popular due to storyline continuing in Superior-Spiderman

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS #5 (Marvel 2015) Rare variants all jumped up due to small print runs including 1:250 1:200 1:150 1:100

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #22 (MARVEL 1988) 1st app of Speedball high demand starting in Sept 2014

AMERICAN VAMPIRE (DC VERTIGO 2010) #1 New series helped boost interest in earlier series. Sales recently of $25.00 for #1.

AMERICAN VIRGIN #1 (DC 2006) New movie news caused instant demand in Feb 2015.

AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE #1 and #2 (COMIXTRIBE 2014) Small indie publisher mini-series. Two regular covers of botgh issues have all sold up to $10.00 each

A-NEXT #7 (MARVEL 1999) 1st app of Hope Pym caused high demand with appearance in Ant Man movie. Prices jumped up to $25.00

ANIMAL MAN #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $15.00 for a while was most valuable new 52 #1.

ANNIHILATOR #1 and #2 (LEGENDARY COMICS 2014) Classic comic writer Grant Morrison published his new series with this new indie publisher which led to a sell out instantly with small print run and tons of sales in the $10.00 range immediately. Print run of #1 was 10,300 copies. Both issues sold out immediately.

ARCHIE #1 (ARCHIE 2015) Newsstand edition had different printing and was very popular online with sales up to $15.00. and then regular cover starting heating up to $40.00

AVENGERS #144 (MARVEL 1975) 1st app of Patsy Walker Hellcat to be in new TV show

AVENGERS #236 (MARVEL 1983) Spider-man joins Avengers. All related Spider-man/Avengers comics heated up in Feb 2015 with talk of new Spider-man movie coming.

AVENGERS #257 (MARVEL 1985) 1st app of Nebula from Guardians of Galaxy movie heated up starting in Aug 2014 up to $30.00 but varies

AVENGERS #316 (MARVEL 1990) Spider-man joins Avengers. All related Spider-man/Avengers comics heated up in Feb 2015 with talk of new Spider-man movie coming.

AVENGERS VS INFINITY #1 (MARVEL 2015) Regular cover and 1:25 both recalled by Marvel for having incorrect interior pages.  Shot up in value with tons of sales.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #9 (MARVEL 2012) 1st app Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel appeared in this past issue with new movie news instantly driving prices up to $35.00 a copy. Variant covers also super hot. She also appears in issue #10.

BACK TO THE FUTURE #1 (HARVEY 1991) original all ages comic popular demand due to relaunch of comics and 30th anniversary of movie.

BACK TO THE FUTURE #1 (IDW 2015) Regular cover sold out before release at Diamond and heated up to $10 within a week.  Other variants popular too

BAD DREAMS #1-4 (RED 5 2014) New mini-series had very small print run and sales of all issues up to $10.00 each

BATGIRL #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $8.00

BATGIRL #13 – death of family storyline – these sold out and huge price increases in some areas up to $30

BATMAN #13 / death of family storyline – these sold out and huge price increases in some areas up to $40

BATGIRL #41 (DC 2015) 1st print sold out quickly of new direction storyline in August 2015

BATMAN #47 (DC 2015)  Harley Quinn variant covers inserted in a polybag were all damaged in packaging causing a sellout at Diamond as collectors scrambled to find NM copies of the 3 variants which landed up heating up individually and sold also well in sets.

BATMAN #357 AND #358 (DC 1982) 1st Jason Todd Killer Croc issues hitting up to $100.00

BATMAN #386 (DC 1985) 1st app Black Mask – copies selling over $100.00

BATMAN #417 (DC 1988) 1st app KG Beast up to $25.00

BATMAN #503 (DC 1994) Killing Joke Batman Oracle Batgirl type story. 

BATMAN #567 (DC 1999) 1st app Batgirl - Cassandra Cain heated up in May 2015 up to $20.00 - this will likely be a good long term pick being a major character.

BATMAN COMBO PACKS #35 38 40 (DC 2014) Article I wrote in Feb 2015 helped cause interest in the rarity of DC combo packs and this one leads the “pack” up to $50.00. Print run possibly as low as 500 copies per issue. Many other combo packs are now in increasing demand. More and more issues of the entire #1-40 combo pack run selling high.

BATMAN 66 #1 (DC 2013) Ongoing series based on the 1966 Batman TV show has continued to have demand and earliest issues are starting to rise with #1 hitting up to $15.00 so far. #1 had print run of 50,000 in July 2013.

BATMAN ‘66 #5 (DC 2014) 1:25 Batgirl variant cover - smaller print run now high in demand at $60.00 

BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 (Comix Con 2015) Variant set - There is color variant selling for up to $50 and a rarer black and white edition selling over $100.00  Note that these have the same cover image as the original 1992 DC comic which featured the 1st app of cartoon version of Harley Quinn.

BATMAN ANNUAL #2 (DC 2014) Zero Year storyline interest building up to $8.00

BATMAN BEYOND #1 (DC 1999) 1st app of Terry McGinnis always popular - sales for entire series.

BATMAN GOTHAM ADVENTURES #45 (DC 1998) Early Harley Quinn appearance sales up to $50.00

BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE (DC 1988) 1st printing of Joker story one-shot in hot demand with sales up to $80.00 and there are many reprint editions out there.

BATMAN: MAD LOVE (DC 1994) Early app of Harley Quinn – hot like all 90's Harley appearances.

BATMAN: VENGEANCE OF BANE #1 (DC 1992) There are 3 printings of the 1st app of Bane in this rare one-shot selling at $40.00

BATTLE CHASERS #1 (Image 1998) News of a new series rumoured made the entire series and original variants hot cakes in early February 2015.

BEE AND PUPPYCAT (KABOOM 2014) #1 and #2 sold out 1st printings and both selling above cover with sales of #1 up to $30.00 and #2 up to $20.00

BEE AND PUPPYCAT #7 (BOOM 2015) Recalled edition was hard to find hitting up to $20.00

BEST CELLARS #1 (OUT OF THE CELLAR 1995) The Goon rare one-shot comic renewed demand in Oct 2015.

BIG HERO 6 (MARVEL 2008) #1-6 Disney plans an upcoming movie based on this series and all back issues are hot and have sales up to $50.00 for #1.

BIRDS OF PREY #1 (DC 2010) 1st White Canary - copies so far up to $20.00

BIRTHRIGHT #1 (IMAGE 2014) Slowly heating up and selling out up to $10.00

BLACK SCIENCE #1 (IMAGE 2013) New movie rumour heated up this title again.

BLACK SCIENCE (IMAGE 2013) #1 sold out and some early sales up to $9.00 per each of the 2 regular covers. #2 sold out instantly from Diamond and stores appeared to be shorted everywhere and copies hit up to $25.00 each immediately for the 2 covers.

BLACK WIDOW #11 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL 2014) Deadpool variant had smaller print run and hit up to $40.00

BLOODSTONE #1 (Marvel 2001) 1st Elsa Bloodstone heated up in June 2015 up to $15 

BLOODTHIRSTY #1 (TITAN 2015) New Titan comics high quality horror title sold out and jumped quickly.

BOB'S BURGERS (DYNAMITE 2014) #1 sold out instantly with sales up to $10.00 each based on the TV show. and #2 even hitting $10.00

BOOSTER GOLD (DC 1986) High demand for this #1 issue 80's book up to $40.00

BOOSTER GOLD #5 (DC 1986) Joker Killing Joke cover popular up to $10.00

THE BOYS #1 (GARTH ENNIS 2006)  Long running title finally jumped in price with new potential movie news in 2015.

BRASS SUN #1 (2014) #1-5 mini-series – issues #1-3 have sold up to $10.00 each

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200 (DC 1983) 1st Katana and 1st Outsiders - this 22 year old key issue saw renewed interest in May 2015

BRAVE AND THE BOLD #33 (DC 2007) Female team up of Katanna Wonder Woman and Batgirl up to $30.00

BREATH OF BONES (DARK HORSE 2013) Mini-series became hot overnight in August 2014 with reports of a potential TV/movie deal hitting up to $17.00 for #1 and sets of #1-3 selling for $25.00

BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL #1 (2015) one-shot optioned for TV very small print run.

CABLE #3 (MARVEL 1992) 1st appearance of Weasel from Deadpool always popular with new movie news.  Common high print run comic easy to find but sales up to $10.00

CAPTAIN AMERICA #168 (MARVEL 1973) 1st Baron Zemo II heated up in Jan 2015 up to $25.00

CAPTAIN AMERICA #275 (MARVEL 1982) 1st full Baron Zemo II heated up in Jan 2015 up to $30.00

CAPTAIN AMERICA #6 and #14 (MARVEL 2006) #6 1st full app of Winter Soldier to star in the new Captain America movie has interest high hitting a peak of $30.00 plus there is a variant cover as well. #14 features a classic cover and the origin of Winter Soldier and hit a high of $50.00. The real 1st app is in the common issue #1.

CAPTAIN BRITAIN #8 Weekly (Marvel UK 1979) Weekly UK 1st app ever of Psylocke sales up to $1,000.00 with announcement of movie appearance by Olivia Munn in the works.

CAPTAIN CANUCK #4 FIONA STAPLES VARIANT 1:10 (CHAPTER HOUSE 2015)  Small print sold out due to very small print run.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (MARVEL 2012) Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel appeared in this past issue with new movie news instantly driving prices up to $35.00 a copy.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (MARVEL 2014) Carol Danvers as the new Captain Marvel with new movie news instantly driving prices up on 1st and 2nd printings.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #26 (MARVEL 1973) 2nd app Thanos continues to rise for this bronze key.  1st Thanos cover ever.  1st app of Marvel's Lady Death.

CAPTAIN MARVEL VOL 7 #14 (MARVEL 2015) Black Vortex storyline had small print runs causing instant sellout and prices up to $15.00 immediately.

CARVER PARIS STORY (Z2 2015) Small indie sold out quickly and also has a 1:2 ratio variant by Paul Pope.

CATWOMAN #23 (DC 2013) 1st appearance of Joker’s Daughter appears in the last page and is a prelude to her big appearance coming up soon in the 3D DC Villain take over month. Prices hit $13.00 the day of release.

CATWOMAN #39 (DC 2015) 1st bi-sexual issue. Regular cover and Harley Quinn variant cover both sold out quickly.

CATWOMAN #51 (DC 2006) Adam Hughes classic jail cover artwork constantly in demand with copies selling as high as $55.00

CHEW (IMAGE 2009) #1 is down to about $200.00 from a high of $400.00 Earliest issues still bring decent $$.

CHRONONAUTS #1 (IMAGE 2015) Mark Millar new title optioned for new movie. 6 covers all sold out quickly and hitting $20.00 each.

CIVIL WAR #1-7 (MARVEL 2006) Entire mini-series heated up like crazy in Feb 2015 and all tie-ins and especially rare limited variant covers all hitting record prices.

CLANDESTINO #1 (BLACK MASK 2015) Latest Black Mask title to heat up with instant sellout and hit up to $12.00 quickly.

COWBOY NINJA VIKING #1 (IMAGE 2009) This back issue became superhot when it was announced this comic was going to be a movie starring Chris Platt. Book hit up to $100.00 a copy by Nov 20th 2014.

COWL (IMAGE 2014) #1 sold out instantly and hit up to $8.00 week of release and quickly went to 2nd printings on the first 2 issues.

CRASH RYAN #1-4 (MARVEL 1984) Ignored mini-series became hot with news of potential new movie.

CRYPTOZOIC MAN #1 (IDW 2013) At first the title did not even sell out but eventually did and then went to a 2nd printing and continuous promotion on the Comic Book Men TV series led demand to grow and grow. A #1-2 set regular print cover sold for $41.00 this week.

CYCLOPS #12 (MARVEL 2015) X-Men small print run - Black vortex storyline - prices up to $15.00 immediately.

DAMAGE CONTROL #1 (MARVEL 1989) 1980's marvel title heated up due to movie rumours in Oct 2015

DAREDEVIL #111 (MARVEL 2008) 1st Lady Bullseye heated up in Feb 2015 up to $20

DAREDEVIL #131 (MARVEL 1976) 1st Bullseye - potential appearance in TV series helped push prices higher on this major bronze age key issue. 

DAREDEVIL #232 (MARVEL 1986)  1st app of Nuke

DAREDEVIL #1-4 (Marvel 2011) Early issues sold out and sell for $10.00 each or higher!

DARK HORSE INSIDER #37 (DARK HORSE 1995) This promo comic features Ghost In The Shell preview. Up to $50.00

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #1 (DARK HORSE 1986) Popular anthology and 1st appearance of Concrete had renewed sales in 2015.

DARK MATTER #1 (DARK HORSE) new movie news caused high jump in sales in April 2015.

DARTH VADER #2 and #3 (MARVEL 2015) 1st Aphra rumoured to be in new upcoming Star Wars movie had speculators buying up multiples and drying up inventory. Instant sales up to $15.00 and $65 for variant. #2 apparently not enough copies printed and sold out even with a high print run and selling for $12.00 3rd printings are already out. All 5 issues have gone to multiple printings now - this is the hottest SW related series in 2015 for regular covers.

DAY MEN #1 (BOOM 2013) New ongoing series – #1 sold out instantly – kept rising during early August and then new movie news and the world went nuts for this book. I received long distance calls for this book and so did other local comic shops as people wanted to buy this book in major multiples. Hit a high of $20.00 and then online got flooded with too many copies and prices settled now at $9.00.

DC COMICS PRESENTS #26 (DC 1980) Key issue features 1st app of Cyborg (will be in the new Superman movie) and the New Teen Titans before they received their own title.

DC COMICS PRESENTS #49 (DC 1982) Early appearance of Black Adam – major DC villain who will appear in the upcoming 2019 Shazam movie starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Copies up to $50.00

DC STEAMPUNK 1:25 VARIANT EDITIONS (DC FEB 2014) Many of DC’s main core titles had a 1:25 variant ratio with a steampunk theme and #28 issues of Batman, Wonder Woman, Justice League Dark, Batgirl, Detective, Nightwing and Harley Quinn #3 all were selling at record prices due to extra high demand as high as $50.00 each. Wonder Woman #28 was the hottest hitting a high of $85.00

DEAD DROP #1 (VALIANT 2015) 1st print sold out immediately with price increases.

DEATHSTROKE #58 (DC 1996) Joker cover has heated up this year with strong demand up to $40.00

DEAD LETTERS (BOOM 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately and hit a high of $18.00 a copy week of release before cooling a bit.

DEADPOOL #14 (Marvel 1997) 1st Ajax who will appear in upcoming movie up to $30.00

DEADPOOL GLI SUMMER SPECIAL (MARVEL 2007) Early appearance of Squirrel-Girl up to $20.00

DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE (MARVEL 2012) Super hot 4 issue mini-series which is now selling for up to $150.00 a set after 2 years of release.

DEADPOOL'S SECRET SECRET WARS #2 Gwenpool variant (Marvel 2015) 1st app of new Gwenpool character on cover only.   Took a month to sell out but then jumped big. 

DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1-4 (MARVEL 2014) Massive high print run didnt stop the biggest Marvel event of 2014 from selling out – all issues have gone to 2nd printings and now demand is growing for 1st prints that are sold out everywhere.

DEATH OF WOLVERINE CANADA VARIANTS (MARVEL 2014) All 4 issues feature a special Canada variant cover with flag that many retailers surprisingly didnt order enough so once again Canadian cover variants heated up quickly and hitting $10.00 mark.

DEATHSTROKE #1 1:25 VARIANT (DC 2014) Demand consistent on this variant drove prices up to $50.00

THE DEFENDERS #28 (Marvel 1975) 1st Starhawk of Guardians of the Galaxy - bronze age key keeps climbing. 

DESCENDER #1 (IMAGE 2015) News of a potential movie hit before the comic was released and a variant cover was only announced at the last minute for retailers causing a shortage on #1B quickly and helped drive demand for all covers.

DETECTIVE COMICS #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $25.00

DETECTIVE COMICS #470 (DC 1977) 1st Silver St. Cloud heated up as a key issue by July 2015. 

DETECTIVE COMICS #474 (DC 1976) 1st modern Deadshot app is super hot up to $100.00

DETECTIVE COMICS #608 (DC 1989) 1st appearance of Anarky.  Sales up to $15.00

DETECTIVE COMICS END GAME #1 (DC 2015) This one shot features Anarky rumoured to be the son of The Joker.

DISCIPLES #1 (Black Mask 2015) small print run hot indie publisher up to $10.00 immediately at release

DIVINITY #1 (VALIANT 2015) Regular cover sold out quickly and continued to heat up and higher and higher reaching up to $40.00 a copy and the rare 1:40 variant up to $150.00 making this the most popular key issue of the entire relaunch of Valiant comics since 2012.

DIVINITY #3 1:20 LAROSA Variant (VALIANT 2015) Super rare variant hitting record high prices by Oct 2015.  All the variants of this series continue to hit record prices but #3 is way ahead of the pack.

DMZ (DC 2006) #1-72. DC Vertigo series from creator Brian Wood is reported in early Feb 2014 coming to SyFy channel. ith the announcement of Sandman movie, and the iZombie TV show and now DMZ. Andre and Maria Jacquemetton, both of whom previously collaborated on “Mad Men” for AMC, are set to produce. Copies of #1 hit a high of $40.00 in early Feb 2014.

DR. STENSON PRESENTS SANITARIUM (2014) #1 mini comic based on a real horror movie had small print run selling out instantly and hitting high of $15.00 week of release.

DREADSTAR #1 (1982) Hype of this character coming to movie theatres drove up demand starting in April 2014.

DREDD UNDERBELLY (TITAN 2014) One-shot based on new movie was underprinted and overlooked by most retailers and prices hit $16.00 the week of release in January 2014 but continued to be hot after a month reaching a high of $50.00. 2nd print came out a month later and sales all over the board from low to high but many high sales up to $30.00 each.

EAST OF WEST (Image) #1 Hot as a pre-seller and now sells up to $12.00. 4th printing already and sets of #1-4 sell really well. This is a rare modern example of a comic with a huge print run that still sells out due to popularity and goes to reprints on every issue. It’s the “2013″ version of Saga in terms of popularity. All 5 issues have gone to 2nd prints.

EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2 (MARVEL 2014) 1st app of new Gwen Stacy Spider-woman had a high print run of 50,000 but yet still sold out with sales continuing 3 months in a row now up as high as $100.00. 1:25 ratio variant cover now up to $350.00. A new ongoing series debuts Feb 2015. 2nd printing released in October also sold out instantly with sales also up to $15.00 each for Marvel’s hottest new character of 2014. 3rd printing in Nov 2014 sold as high as $15.00 each. 4th printing also sold out and up a bit. Literally thousands of copies sold instantly above cover of the hottest Marvel comic of 2014.

EI8HT #1 (DARK HORSE 2015) New title sold out quickly with price increases.

ENORMOUS TREASURY (IMAGE 2012) One-shot oversized treasury comic magazine with retail cover price of $9.99 was selling up to $30.00 each with the release and hype of the new ongoing series. New TV show announcement in Feb 2015 shot all issues of Enormous into high demand again.

ENORMOUS #1-6 and Vol. 2 (215 INK 2014) Small indie publisher released new ongoing series which is a ollowup to the 2 year old Image treasury one-shot from 2012. Regular covers of #1 hit up to $20.00 each and the smaller print run of issue #2 and #3 sold out super fast causing shortages everywhere with sales immediately up to $28.00 with Diamond selling out way in advance for issues #2 and #3. #2 had shipped late to some retailers. #3 came out soon after and hit up to $25.00.   By July 2015 news of a TV show was coming and #1 was now up to $100 and #2-3 selling up to $35.00.    Vol 2 #1 #7 sold out instantly with sales at $10.00 

EPIC ILLUSTRATED #3 (MARVEL 1980) 1st app of Dreadstar in this common magazine became super hot in early April 2014 with numerous sales of $100.00 each and one copy hit $200.00 raw.

ETERNAL WARRIOR #4 (Valiant 1992) 1st Bloodshot - new Valiant movie news heated this up to $40

EVIL WITHIN #1 2 3 (TITAN 2014) New mini-series small print all issues sold out with some higher sales.

EX-MACHINA #1 (DC/WILDSTORM 2004) Recent sales up to $50.00. Print run was 28,000 copies in June 2004.

EXMORTIS #1 #2 (451 MEDIA 2015) Latest title from this publisher sold out like the rest with instant price gain.

EXTINCTION PARADE (Avatar) 4 different covers – high quality format similar to Uber. Online pre-sales were doing well above cover. Print run of each cover was less than 5,000 each. In November talk of a TV show heated up the series a little bit.

FABLES (DC/Vertigo) Long running ongoing series recently announced of potential tv/movie so already expensive #1 selling out at bout $70.00 first printings. Series has over 120 issues so lots to collect.

FACE VALUE #1 and #2 (FACE VALUE COMICS 2014) Small print comic about an autistic hero reached TV news media coverage and comic became super hot overnight hitting a high of $80.00 within days of release. #2 eventually sold out with some sales up to $15.00 each.

FANTASTIC FOUR #642 (MARVEL 2015) Marvel reverted the FF title back to the original numbering with this issue which was mostly ignored and sold out quickly as it is part 1 of storyline leading to cancellation and this years Secret Wars storyline. Up to $15.00 each.

FCBD 2015 (ALL PUBLISHERS 2015) On May 2nd 51 new free comic books were given away. Comics have fairly hefty print runs but some titles were guaranteed to be immediately popular with sales up to $10.00 each for the TMNT edition, Secret Wars Marvel, Divergence #1 featuring 1st app of new Batman (Commissioner Gordon in costume). Many other issues sold for $5.00 each including Fight Club, Sonic The Hedgehog, The Avengers etc. These books usually are only hot for a week. Sets were selling up to $60.00 for all 50.

FEAR AGENT #1 (IMAGE 2005) new movie/tv rumour caused this 10 yr old book to heat up.

FEATHERS #1 (BOOM 2015) New series was under-ordered with some sales up to $10.00 in Jan 2015

FIGMENT #1 AND #2 (MARVEL 2014) New Disney tie-in series was vastly underordered by retailers causing sellouts of the first 2 issues which both hit up to $15.00 each and went to 2nd printings immediately.

FIRESTORM #24 (DC 1986) 1st app Blue Beetle heated up in Jan 2015

FIRESTORM #28 (DC 1984) 1st Slipknot from Suicide Squad movie up to $25.00

FIRESTORM (DC 1977) #1 and #3 and #7 are the key issues that collectors have lined up to buy with many ties to the brand new The Flash TV series. #23 (1983) 1st app Byte Felicity Smoak who is in The Flash and in the Green ARROW TV show – popular female character helped drive demand for this 1980's comic.

FIVE GHOSTS – HAUNTING OF FABIAN GRAY (Image) Mini series #1 and #2 sold out and 2nd printings – rumour of ongoing series. TV Series confirmation in July 2014 sent prices skyrocketing up to $25.00 each for #1 and sets selling later issues up to $10.00 each

FLASH #92 (DC 1993) 1st app Impulse – speculators hoping he might appear in TV show. Prices vary up to $30.00

FLASH #20-24 (DC 2013) Reverse Flash storyline all sold out possibly due to character in TV show with sets selling up to $50.00 and varied high sales for individual issues.

FLASH ANNUAL #2 (DC 2013) 1st New 52 meeting of The Flash and Green Lantern heated up due to a smaller print run and prices hitting up to $40.00 each. July 2013 release ranked #71 $4.99 print run of 34,114.

FLASHPOINT: BATMAN KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #1-3 (DC 2011) Jokers Parents Mini-series at least $10 per issue with some sales up to $30 each. 

FLUX MAGAZINE #1 (1995) 1st printed appearance ever of Preacher by Garth Ennis - average sales at $10.00 for this non-comics magazine.

FOOM #15 (MARVEL 1976) Marvel fanzine magazine features cameo 1st app of Ms Marvel before she debuted in #1. Up to $50.00

FRINGE: Tales From The Fringe #2 (DC 2014) Batman logo cover heated up with interest recently.

FROZEN (JOES BOOKS 2015) Disney adaptation by small publisher sold out quickly even with hefty cover price in Feb 2015 up to $20.00

FUTURAMA (BONGO 2000) #1 and #2 lead the pack with sales of $25.00 or higher for these TV show inspired series which is still running after 14 years and 70 issues.

FUTURE IMPERFECT #1-2 (Marvel 1992) 1st Maestro and heated up due to new Secret Wars series in June 2015. Prices on average about $10.00 per issue. 

FUTURES END #46 AND #47 (DC 2015) Death of Batman Beyond and the 1st app of Tim Drake as the new Batman Beyond. Sets up to $22.00

GAMBIT (Marvel 2012) New ongoing series popular #1 $8 #2 $5 but #3 sold out everywhere and current asking price from only online copy is $25.00 !!

GAMBIT #1 (MARVEL 1993) Gold variant edition small print run had big jumps in July 2015 up to $200.00

GHOST IN THE SHELL #1 (DARK HORSE 1995) Classic series heated up again in Jan 2015 with new movie news.

GHOST PROJEKT #1 (ONI 2010) It was announced about Sept 22nd 2013 that the show was optioned for NBC tv series and the 3 year old title became super hot with #1 selling as high as $35.00 each. It has now cooled off and settled more around $15.00

GHOSTED #9 (IMAGE 2014) 1st app of Nailbiter in this issue caused a sell out and sales up to $15.00 in early May 2014.

GIANT DAYS #1-3 (BOOM 2015) Series took a few months to sell out and heatup but then all issues were jumping up.

GI JOE #212 (IDW 2015) Death of Snake Eyes storyline began with small print run up to $15.00

GI JOE #213 (IDW 2015) Death of Snake Eyes and 1st new Snake Eyes appear selling out instantly everywhere with sales mostly round $10.00

GIANT DAYS #1 (Boom 2015) small print sold out quickly and heated up to $8.00

GLOBAL FREQUENCY #1 (DC/WILDSTORM 2002) Decade old DC series announced to be future TV show drove prices up in Nov 2014 as high as $20.00

GODKILLER WALKS AMONG US #1 (BLACK MASK 2014) #1 initially didnt sell out but then reports of a trilogy of cartoon movies based on the series helped sell out #1 and #2 with increasing demand.

GODZILLA IN HELL #1-2 (IDW 2015) EC Subscription cover many sales up to $13.00 in August 2015   Eventually #1 and #2 all covers sold out and jumped.

GONERS #1 (IMAGE 2014) Sold out instantly and some sales up to $6.00 each instantly.

GOTHAM ACADEMY #1 (DC 2014) Sold out and some sales have gone up.

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS (DC 2009) Harley Quinn is super hot and demand is strong for this older title.

GRADUATE (OVERGROUND COMICS 2015) Small indie sold out quickly.

GRAYSON #1 SUBSCRIPTION COVER (DC 2014) New series based on Robin debuted and sold out with the subscription cover hitting higher dollars immediately.

GREAT LAKES AVENGERS #1-4 (MARVEL 2005) Mini-series featuring early appearances of Squirrel Girl. Up to $25.00 for a set.

GREAT LAKES AVENGERS X-MAS SPECIAL (MARVEL) Early appearance of Squirrel-Girl up to $20.00

GREEN ARROW #0 (DC 1994) 1st app of Connor Hawke heated up in Oct 2015 with tie-in to tv show

GREEN LANTERN (DC 2014) #28 Red Lanterns – Daughter storyline with Supergirl sold out and gone to 2nd printing. Many sales up to $10.00 each.

GUARDIANS OF KNOWHERE #1 GWENOM VARIANT (MARVEL 2015) New release sold out instantly with many sales over $10.00 for this Spider-Gwen and Venom combination cover.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (Marvel 2008) Entire run is super hot due to interest in upcoming movie. #1 hit new high close to $150 by May 2014 however all non-key issues bring anywhere from $5 to $15 each.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (MARVEL 2013) New ongoing series – new movie in the works for next year. Early issues #0.1, 1, 2 had very high print runs and then retailers pulled back. Issues #3 and #4 instantly sold out and both have 2nd printings. Sets now all sell above cover.

HACK SLASH #1 (DDP 2004) 1st app of Vlad and Cassie in the original one-shot comic - movie news rumour helped fuel all appearances of this title over the years.

HACK SLASH #1 (IMAGE 2011) Image relaunched this indie title and heated up recently due to movie news.

HARBINGER #1 (Valiant 1991) 1st Harbinger team - new Valiant movie news heated this up to $70

HARLEY QUINN #1-38 (DC 2000) Harley Quinn is the hottest character currently from the last 20 years and seems almost any appearance of the character is up in value and demand this year. First and last year bringing the most interest.

HARLEY QUINN ORIGINAL SKETCH VARIANTS (DC 2015)  A small batch of unique one of a kind sketch variants were inserted in the thousands of polybagged DC titles in Dec 2015 with only a handful making it to market and selling on average at $300.00 per copy.

HARROW COUNTY #1 (DARK HORSE 2015) New horror series sold out quickly causing higher priced copies quickly.  

HAUNTED (RED 5 2014) #1-4 Mini-series – new horror series small print run of 1,800 copies sold out instantly. All issues have sold for $10.00 each and #1 has super high demand selling as high as $15.00. Reports of a new movie based on the comic help sales.

HAWK AND DOVE #1 (DC 1988) New ongoing series featured 1st female Dove and heated up in Feb 2015 up to $20.00

HAWKEYE #1-10 The hottest back issue current Marvel title with all issues in multiple printings. #1 and #2 each now settled at about $25.00. Every issue has been reprinted – #1 and #2 on 5th printings. New issues still sell out. It is rare to find a series that issue #10 has a higher print run still than #1. Print runs saw their peak with #10.

HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE #276 Jack Kirby covers (2015) 2 different covers feature cool Kirby artwork and sold out everywhere.

HELLBLAZER (DC VERTIGO 1988) Issue #1 growing constantly in demand as new TV show Constantine approaches.

HERO HOURLY #1 (21 PULP 2015) Small indie sold out immediately

HIP HOP COVERS (MARVEL 2015) Marvel revealed 58 different hip hop homage variant covers for all their new relaunched #1 titles from Oct 2015 to Jan 2016.  Early books were all hard to find as many retailers did not qualify for them and many were selling up to $15.00 initially in October 2015.

HIP HOP FAMILY TREE #1 (Fantagraphics 2015) Finally an ongoing comic series debuted and news of a potential TV show caused sellouts of this 1st printing up to $8 instantly.

HITMAN #18 (DC 1995) 1st Section 8 app by Garth Ennis - some sales at $10.00 

HOAX HUNTERS #1 (Image 2012) Original series heated up again with new movie news up to $20.00

HOUSE OF AX #1 ONESHOT (ANTARCTIC PRESS 2015) rare one-shot horror comic small print run.

HOUSE OF MONTRESOR #1 Edgar Allan Poe (2016) New indie comic in Feb 2016 had very small print run and some sales marked up.

HOUSE OF MYSTERY ANNUAL #1 (DC VERTIGO 2009) This DC classic title was brought back as a halloween annual and featured the first appearance of IZombie. Print run was much smaller on this high cover price book. High sale of $80.00 for this one recently.

HOWARD THE DUCK #1 (MARVEL 1976) 1st ongoing issue of Howard The Duck skyrocketed in demand after appearing in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that debuted on August 1st in theatres prices hitting $100.00 for NM copies and $1,000.00 for CGC 9.8

HUGH HOWEY’S WOOL #1 2 3 4 5 6 (2014) Book adapted to comic book series sold out quickly due to small print run and hype of a new movie. The variant cover was printed as a 1:4 and sales of both issues up to $20.00 each and a huge buzz for this title. #2 was also an instant sellout hitting $15.00 each in August 2014. #3 came out in Sept and hit $12.00 each. Print run of #1 was only 2,600 copies. Complete mini-series is now out and all issues have sold above cover.

HULK #1 (MARVEL 2008) 1st app of Red Hulk with sales up to $30.00

HULK #13 (MARVEL 2015) Deadpool x-over small print run hit $15.00 immediately.

I HATE FAIRYLAND F*** VARIANT #1 (IMAGE 2015)  Skottie Young offensive variant cover was super popular rising slightly in price even when Diamond still had copies.

I KILL GIANTS #1-7 (IMAGE 2008) new movie caused new demand.  Sales of #1 up to $60.00 regularly. 

IMAGE COMICS WHATS NEXT (IMAGE 2013) This preview comic holds the 1st printed appearance of Rat Queens and become extra hot hitting up to $30.00 once the Rat Queens TV series news was announced on June 15th 2014.

IMAGINE AGENTS #1-4 (BOOM 2013) Mini-series with small print run with new movie news caused all issues and all printings and variants to skyrocket in late June 2015. 

IMPERIUM #7 (VALIANT 2015) Divinity appearance sold out quickly in August 2015.

INCREDIBLE HULK #271 (MARVEL 1982) 1st app Rocket Raccoon in Marvel universe continuity and comic format.

INCREDIBLE HULK #324 (MARVEL 1986) 1st app of Grey Hulk rumoured to becoming important in Secret Wars.

INCREDIBLE HULK #377 3RD PRINTING (MARVEL 1991) Demand for this key issue found collectors realizing the rarity of the 3rd printing hitting $50.00 

INCREDIBLE HULK #449 (MARVEL 1997) 1st appearance of Thunderbolts became a $50.00 comic in July 2015.

INCREDIBLE HULK #92 (MARVEL 2006) 1st app of Planet Hulk has become hot once again this time up to $80.00

INCREDIBLE HULK #4 (MARVEL 2012) Venom 1:50 rare variant is part of a themed Venom month from 3 years ago and all have proven to be super hard to find and are all heating up to record prices now

INFINITE CRISIS #3 and #5 (DC 2006) 1st app of new Blue Beetle.

INFINITY GAUNTLET #1-6 (MARVEL 1991) Entire mini-series is super hot

INFINITE HORIZON #1 (IMAGE 2007) new movie news in May 2015 had copies jump to $50 immediately. 

INHUMAN #12 Noto Variant (MARVEL 2015) Noto variant had small print run and prices up quick.

INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US (DC) – the hottest DC title of 2013 with small print runs and 3rd prints selling out. Peaked in May at $85.00 for set of #1-4 Many sellers with reprint sets that also sell well. #1 2nd printing hit $12.00 #1 $40 #2 $25 #3 $8 #4 $5 #5-6 $4. I predicted this could be a hit when I saw the initial print run numbers so low and yet featuring major characters Batman, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman etc. Print runs peaked with #6 and are now leveling out.

INSANE JANE (Bluewater 2010) new movie news brought new sales up to $10.00

INTERCEPTOR #1 (Heavy Metal 2016) New indie book sold out quickly.

INVADER ZIM #1-7 (ONI PRESS 2015) Quickly sold out of all versions and went to 2nd prints with high sales for regular covers and all variants.  Most other issues have 2nd prints too.

INVINCIBLE #110 (IMAGE 2014) Media report of Robert Kirkman talking about the rape in the story caused a sellout and instant overnight hit on April 11th 2014 with online sales hitting up to $40.00 immediately before cooling down. Interest in issue #44 started shortly after for the first app of Anissa – the villain who does the raping.

INVINCIBLE #111 (IMAGE 2014) Start of a new direction but smaller print run led a quick sellout of all covers and even the regular cover was up to $8.00 a week after release in the storyline followup to the rape in the issue before.

INVINCIBLE HAGGARD WEST #1 (IMAGE 2013) New movie news caused new interest.

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #10 (MARVEL 2008) 1st Rescue Armour believed to be in upcoming Avengers movie.

IZOMBIE (DC VERTIGO 2009) #1-28 Series became hot in early November when news of a tv/movie show was potentially in the worls and all related issues have become hot sellers. #1 frequently selling for $20.00 each. The series lasted 28 issues and sales had dropped down to 7500 copies by the last issue #28.

JAEGIR (REBELLION 2014) One-shot with some sales at $10.00 for this 2000 AD series.

JASON SHIGA’S DEMON #1 (SHIGABOOKS 2014) Very small print mini sized comic sales up to $20.00 in August 2014

JSA SECRET FILES #1 (DC 1999) 1st Kendra Saunders as Hawkgirl up to $50.00

JUGHEAD #1 LCSD (ARCHIE 2015) Sales up to $25.00  Local Comic Shop Day was held on Nov 28th 2015 in only 30% of all comic stores in North America with very limited print runs on 20 different comics - all were sold out instantly and most jumped in value the day of release.  The biggest ones were Wolverine and Jughead #1 as well as Black Mask products and Oni treasury editions.

JURASSIC PARK #1 (Topps 1993) various comics heat up due to Jurassic World movie. Prices all over for the various mini-series with some high sales. Even some of the graphic novels hit record prices in June 2015. A very scarce limited variant called Amberchrome sells for $200.00

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #183-185 (DC 1977) Darkseid storyline - up to $25.00 each.  Sets are popular. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 COMBO PACK (DC 2012) Article I wrote in Feb 2015 helped cause interest in the rarity of DC combo packs and this is the only combo pack to have 3 different printings. The 2nd and 3rd printing in high demand with sales up to $80.00 Print run possibly as low as 500 copies per issue. Many other combo packs are now in increasing demand.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 (DC 1987) First issue has large print run but now popular with 1st appearance of Maxwell Lord from Supergirl tv show.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 (DC 2011) 1st print sold out title re-start $15.00

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 (DC 2015) 1st app of Grail - daughter of Darkseid had tons of sales up to $10.00 in May 2015.

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED #1 (DC 2014) Canada variant cover some sales up to $8.00 week of release and sold out immediately at Diamond leading to new Canada variant covers to come out this summer.

KEVIN KELLER #14 (ARCHIE 2014) Batman Dark Knight tribute variant cover instantly sold out at Diamond and hit $8.00 week of release. Issue #15 is an X-Men tribute variant cover and also sold out quickly.

KING (JET PACK 2015) Small print indie sold out instantly eventually reaching $10 a month later. 

KLAUS #1 (BOOM 2015) Grant Morrison title sold out quickly and went to 3rd printing within a month.  Prices starting to climb.

KODOJA #1 (2013) mini-series and Kodoja #1 (2015) ongoing both sold out with very small print runs.   Monster title.

LADY KILLER #1 (DARK HORSE 2014) Popular new title in January 2015 sold out instantly and #1-2 both sold out and jumped in value immediately. Random sales up to $50.00 for #1 and $20.00 for #2.

LAZARUS #1 (IMAGE 2013) New movie news caused new interest up to $20.00

LEGENDS #1 (DC 1986) 1st app of Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad became a hot book in fall 2014.

LEGENDS #3 (DC 1987) Common 80's mini-series with 1st app of Modern Suicide Squad which is getting media attention, not only in the Arrow TV series, but a stand alone script that hit the internet. Prices continually climbing over a few months and how hit up to $40.00 for this 60 cent book.

LETTER 44 (ONI 2013) #1 came out as a $1.00 book and yet early reviews were so great that the book sold out and now selling at $6.00

LIFE OF ARCHIE #36 (ARCHIE 2014) The Death of Archie received widespread media coverage and sales were very strong the first week of release peaking at up to $15.00 per cover. Five different covers available with the Fiona Staples cover possibly the most popular. Issue #37 featuring Archie’s funeral was released the next week and sold out quickly at Diamond.

LIFE OF ARCHIE #36/37 (ARCHIE 2014) Magazine sized double sized memorial issue. First printing sold out quickly and hit a high of $60.00 per copy with a 2nd printing shipped the very next week to fill demand.

LIFE WITH ARCHIE #23 (ARCHIE 2012) There are 2 covers and the 2nd cover is a horror theme and the first appearance on cover only of the “Afterlife With Archie” zombie theme which is now an ongoing series. 2nd cover hit $30.00 a year after release.

LITTLE NEMO RETURNS TO SLUMBERLAND (IDW 2014) #1 sold out instantly and some sellers getting a bit above cover.

LOCKE AND KEY (2008) Talk of a new movie based on this already hot comic from 2008.

LOW (IMAGE 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately but large print run with some copies selling up to $6.00 each.

LUCIFER #1 (DC 2005) Reports of a new TV series based on the character boosted demand in Sept 2014

LUMBERJANES (BOOM 2014) #1 and #2 both sold out fairly quick and went to 2nd printings causing interest to grow and grow. Rare #1 variant over $150.00

MAD MAX FURY ROAD #1 (DC 2015) 2nd Mad Max DC series also sold out instantly with sales up immediately.

MAD MAX - FURY ROAD & IMMORTAL JOE #1 (DC 2015) new hit movie caused surprise demand for this new one-shot from DC and prices shot quickly up to $35.00 in May 2015.

MALIGNANT MAN #1 (BOOM 2011) Book heated up in January 2015 with movie news.

MANIFEST DESTINY (IMAGE 2013) Hottest Image title of the past year with #1 selling up to $50.00. #2-3 both approaching $20 each. Reprint sets even selling very strong. 4 printings of #1 all above cover price. #7B had a Silvestri/MacFarlane cover which hit up to $10.00 immediately.

MAN PLUS #1 (Titan 2016)  New Titan comic had 3 covers with small print runs a few sales heated up in Jan 2016

MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #19 (MARVEL 1989) 1st app Damage Control - heated up in Oct 2015

MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #4 (MARVEL 1982) new movie news saw interest jump in price up over $100.00 in May 2015 for 1st app of The New Mutants. 

MARVEL KNIGHTS SPIDER-MAN #20 (Marvel 2006) 1st app of Mary Jane in Iron Man armor - may lead to big things in upcoming Iron Man storyline.

MARVEL POINT ONE (Marvel 2014) 1st full Ms Marvel Khamala Khan story copies up to $30.00

MARVEL PREMIERE #21 (Marvel 1976) 1st app of Misty Knight from Iron Fist heated up on new tv show speculation

MARVEL PREMIERE #38 (MARVEL 1977) 1st app of Weirdworld which is hot for the first time ever due to new Secret Wars storyline.  Sales up to $20.00

MARVEL PREMIERE #47 (MARVEL 1978) 1st modern Ant-Man became hot after a movie was announced based on this version of the character. NM copies hitting $200.00 and CGC 9.8 hitting $800.00

MARVEL SUPER HEROES #13 (MARVEL 1968) 1st appearance of Carol Danvers stays very popular in all grades. 

MARVEL SUPER HEROES WINTER SPECIAL (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Squirrel Girl in this ignored giant size annual from 1991. Prices as high as $100.00 with new ongoing series debuting in January 2015

MARVEL TEAM UP #95 (MARVEL 1979) 1st app of Mockingbird who appears in the TV Show Shield.

MARVEL TEAM UP #100 (MARVEL 1980) 1st appearance of Karma heated up in May 2015 on this fairly high print run book.

MICRONAUTS #8 (MARVEL 1980) 1st app of Captain Universe became hot as of Oct 2014 hitting up to $30.00

MIGHTY AVENGERS #3 VARIANT (MARVEL 2013) This variant cover featuring rapper Eminem has been super hot and brought up to $100.00 for this 1:25 ratio variant which has stayed hot after months.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #13 (Marvel 2007) 1st Secret Warriors team - some sales up to $10 

MILES MORALES ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 (MARVEL 2014) His ongoing series took a year to sell out and heat up but now sales up to $20.00

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #0 all covers (Boom 2016)  A surprise hit with the relaunch of the 90's TV characters had instant sellouts everywhere including all regular covers that have matching connecting covers of the team characters in various colors.  The rarer ratio variants hit high prices of almost $300.00 instantly for the 1:100 and $150.00 for the 1:50 

MINIONS #1 (Titan 2015)  Movie cartoon adaptation sold out quickly.

MOCKINGBIRD SPECIAL #1 (Marvel 2015) 1st app of Red Widow heated up quickly with advance sellout at Diamond . Hit $8.00.  There is also an action figure variant.

MONSTER WORLD #1 (AMERICAN 2015) New indie book sold out quickly.

MOON KNIGHT #57 (MARVEL 1993) Tie-in to Infinity Crusade storyline believed to be the rarest book of the entire crossover series soon to be in a movie storyline. Stephen Platt art originally made this a hot book in 1993.

MOON KNIGHT (MARVEL 2014) #1 and #2 are both in 2nd printings and sporadic sales prices but some sales up to $10.00 each.

MOONSTREAK #1 (Guardian Knight 2015) Small indie publisher sold out quickly and heated up to about  $8.00

MORLOCKS #1 (MARVEL 2002) heated up in Feb 2015 up to $20.00 – all series in demand.

MORNING GLORIES – early issues sold out and popular back issues.

MORTAL KOMBAT X #1 (DC 2015) Video game tie-in comic was underordered and sold out instantly up to $15.00 immediately in Jan 2015.

MUNCHKIN #1 (BOOM 2015) Instant sell out due to demand for game card included up to $10.00

NAILBITER (IMAGE 2014) #1 sold out in advance of release and within first week of release copies hit $10.00 for new ongoing series about serial killers.

NEW AVENGERS #1 (MARVEL 2004) Spider-man joins Avengers. All related Spider-man/Avengers comics heated up in Feb 2015 with talk of new Spider-man movie coming.

NEW MUTANTS #1 (MARVEL 1983) This massive popular high print run book finally has climbed above $10.00 due to high interest in potential new movie.

NEW MUTANTS ANNUAL #2 (Marvel 1986) 1st Psylocke app in american comics. High demand with announcement of movie appearance by Olivia Munn in the works.

NIGHTWING #4 (DC) 2011 – hot key issue from this Robin/Batman series. $25.00 for this key issue. 27, Nightwing, 4*, $2.99, DC, 51,668

NINTENDO POWER MAGAZINE #6 (1989)  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cover on this 80s retro video game magazine and includes the 1st artwork published by J Scott Campbell.

NIOBE SHE IS LIFE #1 (STRANGER 2015) New indie title had 6 different covers and all were huge sellers online selling between $20 and $100 each including some comic convention variants and a Hoknes Exclusive variant of only 100 print run.

NON-PLAYER #1 (Image 2011) small print heated up when series relaunched in June 2015 with sales now up to $70.00 

NUTMEG #1 (2015) X-Men #141 homage cover variant with some sales at $10.00

ODDLY NORMAL #1 (Viper 2005) Original indie release before  Image relaunched it.  Sales up to $50.00 during summer for this rare issue.

OFFICER DOWNE #1 (IMAGE 2011) Old image title heated up with new movie news in Feb 2015

OUTLIERS #1 (2013) Indie comic self published with financing. Highest ratings online for story and art. Super small print run. More and more hype every week and a print run of less than 1800 copies kept prices continually rising up and currently at $50.00. We helped bring awareness to this amazing book before release date. Strong popularity kept prices high on this one after 2 months.

OVER THE GARDEN WALL #1 (KABOOM 2014) This new comic based on Cartoon Network took a month to heat up and then skyrocketed into constant high sales between $20 and $40 each in Dec 2014.

OWLGIRLS #1 (2014) New small indie print run sold out instantly and sales immediately up to $10.00 each

OXYMORON #1 (COMIXTRIBE 2015) Sold out quickly in August 2015 small print indie with sales over $10.00

PAX ROMANA #1 (IMAGE 2007) Older image title from Jonathan Hickman heated up like crazy in May 2014 as high as $60.00 a copy when TV Show news were announced.

PETER PANZERFAUST (Image) #1-9 prices peaked in March 2013. #8 and #9 really hot but less demand for #4-6. One season of the TV series seems guaranteed. #1 hit high of $300 now around $200.00 Current prices #2 $60 / #3 $20 / #4-7 $10 each / #8 $20 / #9 $20. Print runs for #6 7 8 were so low they did not even chart during the month. Note the print run increaes for #10 and then #11. #11 is the most common issue and now print runs are leveling back down again.

PILOT SEASON THE BEAUTY #1 (IMAGE 2012) This is the original one-shot story that recently was turned into an ongoing series called Beauty.   This original was up to $20 in August.

PITIFUL HUMAN LIZARD #1 (Chapter House 2015) Canadian indie book sold out with numerous variant covers jumping immediately.

PLANETOID #1 (IMAGE 2012) Previous Image series became hotter and hotter in late May 2014 hitting up to $10.00 a copy with new TV news.

PLUS ULTRA #1 (Overground 2016) small indie heated up quickly in Jan 2016 to $14.00

POISON IVY Cycle Of Life And Death 1:25 variant (DC 2016) sold out quickly and heated up to $50 week of release in Jan 2016.

POSTAL #1 (IMAGE 2015) new movie news caused sellouts up to $10.00

POWER GIRL #2 (DC 2009) Adam Hughes variant with sales up to $60.00

PREACHER PREVIEW (DC 1995) Considered the 1st true appearance of this thin preview issue reached a high sale of $350.00 on Nov 24th 2013.

PROPHET #21 (IMAGE 2012) Sold out immediately in early 2012 – hot issue at $15.00

PUBLIC RELATIONS #1 (DEVILS DUE 2015) New indie book was sold out a month in advance of release as the title was delayed to a printing error.  The regular cover and even the Hoknes Exclusive variant cover sold at marked up prices by Oct 2015.

PUNK ROCK JESUS #1 (DC VERTIGO 2012) New movie news caused interest up to $10.00

PUSSYCATS #0 (E-COMIX 2015) Small print run indie with adult content sold out with tons of sales up to $15.00

RACHEL RISING (Abstract) #1-16 TV announcement this week helped drive demand up as Diamond sold out of even the current issue not yet out this week. #1 hitting $200.00 peak around May 1st. Many issues still available direct from publisher website at cover. #1 settled down now to about $50.00. Sellers hyping rarity of 2nd and 3rd printings and getting high amounts as well.

RAGNAROK (IDW 2014) First printing sold out immediately with some higher sales up to $14.

RAI #0 (Valiant 1992) 1st Bloodshot and 1st new Rai - new Valiant movie news heated up this to $25

RAT QUEENS (IMAGE 2013) #1-6 Kurt Wiebe (writer of Peter Panzerfaust) had rave reviews which helped lead to a new cartoon TV series announced on June 15th which sent a frenzy for any/all issues of Rat Queens into super high demand with #1 selling up to $16.00 each and within days all other issues were hitting up to $12.00 each. Even 2nd printings of #1 and #2 in high demand. #1 variant cover hit $100.00

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1 (DC 2011) Starfire and Jason Todd sales up to $20 

RED STAR (IMAGE 2000) Older series with recent news of potential TV show in the works shot prices up as high as $20.00 for #1 in early Feb 2014.

REVIVAL (Image) #1-10 Early issues still hot but definitely cooled in value from Jan/Feb peak of #1 $45.00

RIVERS OF LONDON #1  and #2 (TITAN 2015) Small print indie sold out instantly with $15.00 sales for each issue

ROBIN RISES OMEGA #1 (DC 2014) Released in July and sold out by September with some sales up to $6.00

ROCK AND ROLL BIOGRAPHIES #1 - SLAYER (Acme Ink 2015) Slayer rock band small print run all copies quickly sold in the $12 range and a super rare 1:5 sketch cover hit $40.00

ROCK AND ROLL BIOGRAPHIES PRIMUS Metal Cover Variant (2015) This ultra-rare comic was a 1:7 ratio variant with a real metal cover and print run likely less than 100 copies.  Few sales due to ultra rarity.

ROCHE LIMIT #1 (IMAGE 2014) New movie news caused renewed sales in July 2015

ROCKET RACCOON #1 (MARVEL 2014) Giant print run but yet a sell out and already a 3rd printing has caused sales to start slowly sneaking up on #1.

ROCKET RACCOON #1-4 (MARVEL 1986) Mini-series released before character joined Guardians Of The Galaxy. $80.00 per set is a standard price.

ROMAN RITUAL #1 (AMIGO COMICS 2014) Small print indie sold out quickly with sales over $10.00 instantly.

RUNAWAYS (MARVEL 2003) Brian K Vaughan (Saga) decade old Marvel series has been hot all year long with a high of $80.00 for #1.

RUST #1 (MALIBU 1991) Newly discovered that this small print run indie featured possibly the first appearance of Spawn ever – regular cover up to $20.00 and a limited foil cover up to $150.00

SAGA #1-12 (IMAGE 2012) With the relaunch of the title at #19 and every issue selling out demand and high praise has kept interest up and #1 now selling on average $110.00 highest ever. All issues in demand even with high print runs. #12 was hot for a moment when banned by Apple. Print runs have gone up the last 5 issues in a row. #12 has a much larger print run than #1. After The Walking Dead sensation Saga is always Image’s best selling title. Even issues up to #20 are still selling out immediately even with high print runs.

SAGA OF CRYSTAR #1 (MARVEL 1984)  Vintage 80s comic showed some heat in July 2015

SAGA OF SWAMP THING #25 (1984) 1st cameo appearance ever of John Constantine became hot once TV show news became official in April 2014.

SAGA OF SWAMP THING #67 (1987) 1st appearance of Hellblazer in preview heated up with new Constantine TV Show news in May 2014.

SALVATION RUN #7 (DC 2007) Neal Adams Joker variant cover always in demand.

SANDMAN (DC VERTIGO 1989) #1-4. Reports of a movie caused new interest in this key DC 80's book so we are sneaking it on The chart. #1 Sales over $100.00 in late Dec 2013. #4 has increased demand starting in Sept as it features 1st app of Lucifer who gets his own series.

SATELLITE SAM TIJUANA BIBLE (IMAGE 2014) To boost sales of regular #8 a special 8 page black and white graphic sex promo comic was given out to retailers. The comic was not even shipped to the UK due to content causing strong demand and instant sales as high as $45.00 a copy week of release.

SCALES OF TIME #1 1:10 variant (2016) Only a few sales of this very rare indie book in Jan 2016 but sales up to $50 for the ratio variant.

SCOOBY DOO TEAM-UP #12 1st and 2nd prints (DC 2015) Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy and Catwoman story had small print run of 15,000 in all ages book and Harley quinn fans went crazy for this paying up to $30 in pre-sale.    2nd print is rarer and many sales up to $7.00 for it a month after the 1st print sold out.   

SECRET AVENGERS #23 (Marvel 2012) Agent Venom joins Secret Avengers - 1st & 2nd prints both slowly heating up. 2nd print might be the one to hunt for.l 

SECRET ORIGINS #10 (DC 2015) Small print run and new Batgirl origin shot this book up to $15.00 quickly with a 2nd printing on the way.

SECRET SERVICE (MARVEL 2012) Mini-series by Mark Millar will be turned into a future movie causing some interest and random high sales.

SECRET WARS #2 (MARVEL 2007) 1st app of Skye Daisy Johnson from Agent of Shield TV show. Book heated up the entire series in Dec 2014 with prices hitting up to $30 each.

SELF STORAGE #1 2 3 (451 MEDIA) New companies 3rd title was selling big time pre-sales on both issues sold out in advance of release.  All 3 issues sold out quickly and jumped in price.

SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN #4 (DC 2014) Cover art by Adam Hughes sold instantly up to $12.00 each in Nov 2014.

SERGIO STOMPS STAR WARS #1 (DARK HORSE 2000) Small print run Star Wars one-shot now with sales up to $80.00

SEVEN PERCENT #1 (RED 5 2015)  Small indie publisher sold out and hit $8.00

SEX CRIMINALS #1-5 (IMAGE 2013) News of a TV show in the works drove this already hot Title to new price records. Even 2nd printing of #1 hit $20.00

SEX CRIMINALS (IMAGE 2013) #1 has 6 printings all sold out and all early issues sold out and commanding higher prices. 4th printing of #1 had a very small print run and a fun photo cover which had high demand and prices hit $20.00 immediately.

SEX CRIMINALS #11 (IMAGE 2015) A regular version came polybagged with random inserted original sketch covers that sold up to $50.00 each instantly.  A XXX variant edition also came polybagged with some sales up to $10.00 in July 2015.

SHADOWMAN #1-6 (ACCLAIM 1999)  Smaller print run on this Valiant series now heating up.  Variants bringing record prices.

SHAZAM #25 (DC 1976) 1st app of Isis rumoured to be the wife of Black Adam in the upcoming Shazam movie – prices up to $50.00

SHAZAM #28 (DC 1976) 1st bronze/modern app of Black Adam – major DC villain who will appear in the upcoming Shazam movie caused prices of this book to continue to climb as high as $315.00 for a VF copy in early September 2014. Demand for all issues of the #1-35 series were up and all cheap copies sold and super high demand for #1 from 1973. Some VG copies have hit $100.00

SHELTERED #1 (IMAGE 2013) Series reported in Jan 2014 to be a new TV series saw new interest with #1's selling constantly at $10.00

SHIELD #9 JACK KIRBY VARIANTS (MARVEL 2015)  Marvel decided to release special 1:75 and 1:50 Jack Kirby variant covers on this poor selling Marvel title based on the TV show therefore most retailers did not get copies causing a shortage for these.

SHOWCASE #75 (DC 1968) 1st app of Hawk And Dove – all early key issues of this team heated up in Feb 2015 – this silver age book now up to $150.00

SHRINKING MAN #1 (IDW 2015) Regular and EC subscription cover both sold out quickly and many sales of the EC cover up to $13.00 each in August 2015

SILK #1 (MARVEL 2015) The popularity of the new Spider-man character launched a new ongoing series to instant sellouts with the regular cover up to $10.00 immediately and the 1:25 variant hitting over $100.00 and a rare convention variant hitting almost $200.00

SIMPSON COMICS #1 (BONGO 1993) First issue of ongoing series and many following issues now in higher demand by TV fans.

SIMPSON COMICS AND STORIES (BONGO 1993) #1 early one-shot comic and 1st full app of The Simpsons in comics

SIX #1 (451 MEDIA 2015)  Latest title from publisher sold out and jumped immediately.

SKYWARD #0-3 (2010) Originally a self published mini series in 2010. (3 years before the new ongoing series). Jeremy Dale self-published the first three issues a few years ago. These black and white “Graphite Editions” have sold on eBay for over $300 for a set of 0-3 in the last few weeks. A number 1 Graphite sells for around $100.

SLEEPWALKER #1 (MARVEL 1991) Print run was 500,000 but overnight this common forgotten title was in high demand after the character was brought back in Fantastic Four #642 leading up to the 2015 Secret Wars.

SOLAR MAN OF THE ATOM #3 (Valiant 1991) 1st Toyo Harada- new Valiant movie news heated this up to $50

SOUTHERN BASTARDS #1 (IMAGE 2014) Pre-sales were super strong and within days of release the comic had reached $12.00 for first printings leading to an instant 2nd printing announcement. Two weeks after release sales hit $20.00 

SOUTHERN BASTARDS #10 Charleston charity cover (Image 2015) Tragedy charity cover sold up to $10.00 in August 2015

SPACE RIDERS #1-4 (Black Mask 2015) Latest Black Mask series to sell out and go to multiple printings.  #1 even hit a high of $100.00

SPAWN #259 COVER B VARIANT (IMAGE 2015) McFarlane cover B heated up for short time

SPIDER-GWEN #1 ADAM HUGHES VARIANT COVER 1:100 (MARVEL 2015) Sales of almost $400.00 the week of release - super hot in pre-sales. Regular cover sold out even with high print run.

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1 (MARVEL 2014) The connecting cover version instantly hit $9.00 the day of release and sold out everywhere helping the regular cover to sell out quickly as well and go to 2nd printing.

SPIDER-MAN 2099 #35 (1995) 1st app of Venom 2099 – sales up to $20.00

SPIDER-WOMAN #1 (MARVEL 2014) Manara 1:50 variant sold up to $125.00 copy with tons of pre-press scandal about the porn artist drawing a risque female sexy variant cover. Sold out quickly even the regular cover.

SPIDER-WOMAN #5 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL 2015) New costume led demand for this variant up to $50.00 each.

SPIDEY SUPER STORIES #39 (Marvel 1979) Thanos cover story up to $25

SPIRIT LEAVES #1 (Chapterhouse 2016) New indie publisher sold out with a few higher sales.

SPOOK #1 (RED 5 COMICS)  Horror title from small indie publisher was shorted at many stores on release week. 

SPREAD #1 (IMAGE 2014) New release in July 2014 sold out with sales up to $8.00 each immediately and a 2nd printing on the way. Small print run for the 2nd printing of #1 with a unique action figure cover was super hot with dozens of sales at $10.00 each the week of release.

SQUARRIORS #1 SKETCH EDITION (DEVILS DUE 2015) A new sketch black and white printing came out in August 2015 to miniscule print run and instant sellout. 

STARFIRE #1 (DC 2015) 1:25 variant scarce - sales immediately up to $50.00 

STAR WARS #1 HOT TOPIC VARIANT (MARVEL 2015) This variant was recalled due to back cover ad leaking Grey Hulk and prices skyrocketed on Jan 28th 2015 up to $250.00 a copy.

STAR WARS DROIDS - THE CONSTANCIA AFFAIR - ONE SHOT PROMO COMIC (DARK HORSE 1998) 12 page promo comic now sought out for being hard to find up to $50.00 a copy.

STAR WARS #1 (MARVEL 1977) With news of the new Marvel series collectors were hunting out the original #1 and prices had tripled since last year!  A CGC 9.8 copy hit $1800.00 in Feb 2015.

STAR WARS #42 56 68 81 88 (MARVEL 1980) Boba Fett key issues from original comic book series tieing into Empire Strikes Back. Common issues finally shot up in value in late 2014 as high as $80 each.   Lumiya first appeared in issues 56 57 88 and is rumoured to appear in new upcoming Star Wars movie so all issues in demand.

STAR WARS #1-7 (MARVEL 2015) All issues have sold out in stores and prices sneaking up even with high print runs.  Many 2nd to 7th printings have random sales up to $15.00 each.   #1 2nd print black cover and #1 6th print green inner cover are the hottest ones. 

STAR WARS ACTION FIGURE VARIANTS (MARVEL 2015) Constant demand for the action figure variants caused Marvel to continue the series. The first two were under ordered by retailers with Luke up to $25 and Han Solo up to $70.00.  Darth Vader variant now heating up to $15 or higher.  An exclusive variant for #4 featured Boba Fett and reached $80.00 with a print run of 5,000 copies not sold in stores and in late July a black and white version of 3,000 copies sold out in a single day from the artist John Christopher with prices instantly up from $20.00 to $70.00.  In late April a special limited comic con black and white variant edition of the Luke Skywalker cover appeared at C2E2 and would heat up within weeks to $400.00 a copy ! 

STAR WARS DARTH MAUL SON OF DATHOMIR #1-4 (DARK HORSE 2014) This is the last Dark Horse star wars series ever published and had very small print run and ignored by most but rumours of Darth Maul appearing in the upcoming SW movie keeps interest high. Sets of #1-4 have sold up to $150.00 with all individual issues selling high.

STAR WARS BLOOD TIES - BOBA FETT (DARK HORSE 2013) Various issues have had high sales up to $20.00 each

STAR WARS CLASSIC EARLY ADVENTURE #9 (DARK HORSE 1995) This smaller print run SW newspaper strip series features a popular Boba Fett cover and appearance. 

STAR WARS DARK EMPIRE II #5 AND #6 (DARK HORSE 1994) 1st Solo Twins and Anakin Solo.  Strong demand for these key issues of characters that may appear in the upcoming SW movie but huge print run keeps prices from jumping too high.    There are gold edition variants with a print run of about 5,000 copies each hitting record prices.

STAR WARS DAWN OF THE JEDI #0 (DARK HORSE 2012) scarce 3rd printing up to $20.00

STAR WARS - DAWN OF THE JEDI - FORCE STORM #1-5 (DARK HORSE 2012) Small print run sells hot in sets up to $70.00

STAR WARS PURGE #1 (DARK HORSE 2010) One shot with Adam Hughes Darth Vader lightsaber cover. One of numerous small print run SW issues that are heating up in May 2015. 

STAR WARS TALES #9 (DARK HORSE 2003) Darth Maul appears in this ignored 12 yr old comic with smaller print run

STAR WARS TALES #19 (DARK HORSE 2004) 1st app Ben Skywalker who may appear in the upcoming SW movie. Sales up to $50.00

STAR WARS TALES #23 (DARK HORSE 2005) 1st appearance of Revan - another key issue in this series. Â 

STATIC #1 AND #40-45 (DC 1993) Upcoming movie based on 1990's DC character saw debut and scarce last issues in continued demand with record prices hit in May 2015.

STEVEN UNIVERSE #1-6 (BOOM 2013) Entire series had small print run but constant demand by TV show fans has caused these to sell out quietly and occasional sales are always high.   All issues sold out with small print runs up to $10 to $20 per issue

STRANGE TALES #169 (MARVEL 1976) 1st appearance of Brother Voodoo heated up in 2015 with many high sales.

SUICIDE SQUAD #1 (DC 1987) Reports of a new movie drove #1 up to $50.00 by Oct 2014 with increased interest in all early Suicide Squad comics.

SUICIDE SQUAD #11 (2002) 1st app of Antiphon in high demand after announcement of being in upcoming Suicide Squad movie.

SUICIDE SQUAD #23 (DC 1989) 1st app of Oracle Barbara Gordon heated up in Jan 2015

SUICIDE SQUAD (DC 2011) New ongoing series features Harley Quinn including some new origin issues. All early issues sold out and sets selling quite high. #1,6,7 are major key issues selling up to $30.00 each. Reports of a new movie drove #1 up to $70.00 by Oct 2014.

SUNFLOWER #1 (451 MEDIA 2015) This new companies 2nd title was a hot pre-seller and sold out immediately hitting up to $20.00 week of release before cooling.

SUPERBOY #0 (DC 1994) 1st app of King Shark brought copies up to $6.00 for this massive printed book.

SUPERBOY #9 (DC 1994) Early app of King Shark also heated up when interest in all appearances heated up in Feb 2015. Only up to $6.00 due to being a large print run book.

SUPERGIRL #35 AND #40 (DC 2005) 1st appearance of Lucy Lane and then as Superwoman.  She is in the new Supergirl TV series.   Many high sales.

SUPERGIRL #58 (DC 2011) With a new Supergirl TV show on the way demand has jumped for this homage cover variant which redraws her original 1st appearance cover on Action Comics #252 from 1959. Demand growing on this scarce book.

SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #23 (DC 2006) Adam Hughes pinup variant 1:10 cover - scarce with sales up to $400.00.  Even italian and spanish variant covers are bringing higher money. 

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #20 VARIANT (MARVEL 2013) Normally I do not include variants if they just have a predictable higher market value due to small print run but I am including this issue as its truly a hot issue climbing in value and selling way more than expected for the print run. Currently at about $70.00 instead of an estimated $25.00 for a 1:50 variant.

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #30 (MARVEL 2014) the Return of Peter Parker took readers by surprise and issue sold out instantly and some sales up to $10.00 each for 1st prints the month before Amazing Spider-man #1 reboots.

SUPERMAN #1 New 52 issue multiple printings currently at $15.00

SUPERMAN #13 (DC 2012) DC new 52 completionists have started to find issues that have dried up in the back issue such as this issue which due to a lack of copies available rare copies now sell for high dollars up to $25.00

SUPERMAN #281 (DC 1974) 1st app Vartox who will appear later this year in the new Supergirl TV show.

SUPERMAN #38 COMBO PACK (DC 2015) Small print run heated up after market report I wrote about the rarity of DC combo packs.

SUPERMAN ADVENTURES #4 #5 #22 #23 #65 #66 (DC 1996) DC female villain Livewire is the hottest back issue series and her first 6 appearances all happened in this smaller print Superman title from the 1990's aimed at younger readers. All issues are hot with sales of #4 up to $50.00 and #5 up to $125.00 a high sale on #23 so far at $16.00

SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11 (DC 1985) Classic Alan Moore 30 year old comic heating up due to new movie.

SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL (DC 1992) #17 first cameo appearance of Doomsday who eventually killed Superman a month later. This issue had much smaller print run than the hyped up Superman issues once Superman died. Two printings exist and many charging more for the 2nd printing. In past month sales jumped as high as $50.00 and $100.00 for the 2nd printing raw.    Doomsday announced in new Batman Superman movie and book heated up new high prices in Dec 2015.

SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL #18 (DC 1992) The first full appearance of Doomsday who would kill Superman in the same storyline a month later. Rumours of Doomsday being in the next Superman movie has helped drive a ton of interest in his early appearances. Sales up to $30.00 for this one. There are 5 printings and the 5th printing is the rarest with the highest asked prices online.  Doomsday announced in new Batman Superman movie and book heated up new high prices in Dec 2015.

SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #8 and #17 Combo Pack (DC 2015) small print run and #17 led the demand for combo pack issues with sales up to $20.00

SWAMP THING #1 (DC 2011) New 52 issue multiple printings currently at $9.00

SWAMP THING #49 & #50 (DC 1986) 1st and 2nd app of Justice League Dark by Alan Moore heating up as of Jan 2015 up to $30 each

TALES OF SUSPENSE #45 (Marvel 1963) 1st Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan - key 1960's issue keeps rising 

TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #44 (DC 1984) Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing. Tons of interest for high grade investment copies and raw selling up to $100.00

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #44 (IDW 2015) Death of Donatello storyline begins - instant sellout. Retailers did not even get the last 1st prints they thought they ordered as Diamond was already planning a 2nd print. Extreme demand for all covers even though many still don‘t believe that Donatello is even dead. 2nd printing was sold out in advance of release with a 3rd print on the way. Record prices of $150.00 for the 1:10 variant and up to $60.00 each for regular covers.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #53 54 56 (MIRAGE 1992) 1st Karai daughter of Shredder in new movie appeared in this 23 year old comic with new demand. #53 is cameo and #54 is 1st full app and #56 is 1st cover app.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – GLOBAL CONQUEST MINI-SERIES #1-5 These printings seem to have disappeared and the few sales that appear if marketed correctly bring $20.00 an issue.

TEEN TITANS #75 (DC 2009) Adam Hughes variant cover up to $60.00

TEEN TITANS GO #1-50 (DC 2004) Original volume series now hard to find many record sales for example #36 sold for $100.00 in August 2015.  All ages comic had very small print run and all issues are sold out everywhere.   All issues marked way up.

TEEN TITANS GO #1-10 (DC 2013) All ages comic had very small print run and all issues are sold out everywhere.  #1 and #2 both commanding $15.00 or more so far.

THANOS QUEST #1-2 (MARVEL 1990) Individual sales up to $40.00 each – all Thanos appearances in demand.

THE ACTIVITY #1 (IMAGE 2012) Updated movie news made this hot title reignited in demand up to $15.00

THE AVENGERS #80 (Marvel 1970) 1st Red Wolf app - brought back in Secret Wars.  

THE DAMNED (Oni) #1-5 Generally #1 is a $50 book but a #3 hit $100 earlier in April 2013 on ebay. Author of Sixth Gun

THE FADE OUT Magazine (IMAGE 2014) #1 1st printing sold out immediately of the magazine sized edition with instant sales up to $20.00 each and tons of sales online.

THE GUN #1 (CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT 2015) small indie publisher released book that was hard to find anywhere with instant sales of $20.00 and a rare 1:5 ratio variant.

THE HUMANS #0 (2014) New kickstarter comic to be picked up by Image comics with sales up to $25.00 each.

THE HUMANS #1 (IMAGE 2014) First printing sold out quickly with some sales above cover.

THE LAST OF US (DARK HORSE) – 4 issue mini-series all issues instant sellouts and tie-in to video game. All issues are sold out and Diamond has sold out of #4 a month before its release. Currently all 3 1st print issues are selling for on average $23.00 EACH ! #3 hit a high of $41.00 the week of release. Print runs of issues #1-3 are very low. Print run of #4 jumped way up and is a common book. Complete set of 4 issues hit high of $160.00 in early July. I sold a few sets at $100.00. Only #1 has had a reprint so far and that 2nd printing might be so rare that it did not chart which means likely a print run of less than 3,000 copies. Reprints were scheduled by Dark Horse for #1-3 and then cancelled but now just came out. Prices dropped down after the series was done.

THE OTHER DEAD (IDW 2013) Mini-series with new rumour of potential Movie brought new interest in August 2014 after it had originally been hot at release week in 2013. Some sales above cover.

THE PHANTOM #1 (HERMES 2014) 4 regular covers with high demand from European collectors drove prices up a bit on all covers.

THE SIXTH GUN (Oni) – All 31 issues sold out – many not even on ebay and low print runs. Sold a #1 for $250 in Mid April. #1 now at $90.00. Prices have dropped by about 70% since their peak from April 2013 when the news of the potential TV show was at its highest hype. Still some of the rarest comics to collect will keep prices and sales up on this title. The image speculating boom peaked by April 2013 and orders were raised drastically on issues #30-32 which were the highest since issue #2 three years earlier.

THE STRAIN (Dark Horse) Original 12 issue mini-series very popular due to TV series. This book has been hot off an on for a year now and prices have pushed it up to $100.00 for #1.

THIEF OF THIEVES #1-12 Early issues still super hot – value peaked in January but still selling well

THIS DAMNED BAND #1 (BOOM 2015) Rave reviews caused sales up to $8.00 even when retailers could still order in copies for cover price.

THOR #1 (MARVEL 2014) New series featuring female character sold out even the regular cover with high print run some sales up to $8.00 each

THRILLKILLER ’62 #1-3 (DC 1998) Popular mini-series continues to sell up to $15.00 each.

THRILLKILLER Graphic Novel (DC 1998) Small print run constant in demand has driven prices to $50.00

THUNDER AGENTS #1 (TOWER 1965) Silver age 50 yr old comic had renewed interest with new movie news.  Sales in all conditions. 

THUNDERBOLTS PRELUDE #1 (MARVEL 1997) One-shot hit $70.00 in August 2015.

THE TITANS #1 (DC 1999) 1st Damien Darkh - recent key issue heated up in July 2015 up to $20.00

TODD THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH (Image) #1 hit high of $20 immediately in January week of release and then settled down. Smaller print run. Mini-series #1-4 is sold out and will become ongoing soon from Image with #5 coming out in a month. News of a new tv/movie reported on July 13th made the #1 a super hot comic instantly with sales as high as $60 in July but then cooled down again. #1 and #2 have a 2nd print which are both rarer typically in print run than the originals.

TOOTH AND CLAW #1 (IMAGE 2014) The series has been retitled with #3 and original printings are sold out causing demand for #1.

TRANSFERENCE #1 (BLACK MASK 2015) Small indie book sold out with some sales higher.

TRANSMETROPOLITAN #23 (DC VERTIGO 1999) DC adult title from 15 yrs ago that featured a preview of 100 Bullets which is now announced as a new TV/movie in the works. Sales recently up to $20.00 Preview also appeared in Preacher #51.

21ST CENTURY TANK GIRL #1-2 (TITAN 2015) Movie tie-in comic had small print run and both issues sold out with many sales up to $20 each. 

ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 (MARVEL 2011) 1st app of Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-man. Up to $20.00 and rising. 1:25 ratio variant hit $100.00

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN WEB WARRIORS #8 (MARVEL 2015) Small print run all ages comic features cover Deadpool story which sold out prior to release and at $15 instantly.

UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #5 2ND printing (MARVEL 2015) small print 2nd printing features new Venom cover - many sales up to $15.00

UNCANNY X-MEN #148 (MARVEL 1982) Morlock movie rumours pushed demand up for this high print run book in May 2015.

UNCANNY X-MEN #169 (MARVEL 1983) 1st app Callisto and Morlocks heated up in Feb 2015

UNCANNY X-MEN #266 (MARVEL 1991) 1st app of Gambit is even hotter due to new movie news hitting over $100.00

UNTAMED #1 (STRANGER 2014) Small indie publisher with 1st app of Niobe - title heated up when she received her own series and media coverage.

VENGEANCE #1 (MARVEL 2011) 1st app of Miss America heated up in May 2015.

V-WARS #1 (DYNAMITE 2014) Regular cover sales jumped to $10.00 each immediately with news of a new tv series and a 2nd printing was on the way. 2 months after release some copies selling at $20.00 each.

VORACIOUS #1 A & B (2016) New indie comic in Feb 2016 sold out both covers with numerous sales marked up a bit. 

WAKFU #1 (TITAN 2015)  Regular and subscription cover both sold out quickly with many higher priced sales up to $10 each.

WALKING DEAD #150 variants and retailer incentive (Image 2016)  Retailer incentive black and white variant was sent only 1 copy per store causing a shortage and immediate prices of $200.00 - all the other covers including the regular cover sold out quickly at Diamond and sets were selling higher.

WARRIOR #1 (2006) When the ultimate warrior died in April 2014 demand for this back issue skyrocketed up to $100.00 a copy.

WATSON AND HOLMES (NEW PARADIGM 2013) Small print run of 3,800 copies between 2 regular covers sold out instantly and brought sales of up to $50.00 each in first week and then cooled off. Print run was so small that it did not even rank in the Top 300 of the month. Currently #1 sells at above $10 and #2 sells at $7.00. We helped bring awareness to this amazing book before release date. 9 months later in June 2014 news of a movie deal hit and sparked new interest in the title with a few high sales.

WAYWARD #1 (IMAGE 2014) Jim Zub’s new series debuted with 4 covers but all sold out and tons of sales mostly in the $8.00 range for each cover.

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1-4 (Black Mask 2015) small print run and Wonder Woman costume and other DC/Marvel costumes featured in storyline of issue #3.  Entire series is super hot with all variant covers hitting record highs up to $400.00 a copy.   Later printings also sold out and heating up.  A new ongoing series reported for 2015. 

WE STAND ON GUARD #1 (IMAGE 2015) High profile book was selling up to $9.00 even when retailers could still order in copies for cover price.

WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #5 (MARVEL 2010) Deadpool 1:25 variant keeps climbing

WEIRD LOVE (IDW 2014) New pre-code 1950's horror romance theme book small print run and some sales immediately higher than cover. 2nd printing came out a month later and 1st prints up to $7.00 each

WEIRD WAR TALES #93 (DC 1983) 1st app of Lt. Matt Shreve of the Arrow TV show hit high immediately in Dec 2014 up to $80.00

WHAT IF #49 (MARVEL 1993) Infinity Gauntlet storyline has renewed interest.

WHAT IF #10 (MARVEL 1978) 1st Jane Foster who becomes the new female Thor in May 2015.  Copies up to $100.00

WHAT IF? PLANET HULK (MARVEL 2007) 1st app Skaar and death of Hulk - this book now up to $20.00

WHAT IF #4 (MARVEL 1989)  1st app of Venom Hulk "Vulk" in a what if story - new interest in late 2015 with a new similar character.

WHAT IF VENOM POSSESSED DEADPOOL (MARVEL 2011) One-shot has stayed steady and prices keep increasing now over $100.00

WICKED AND DIVINE #1-2 (Image 2014) movie/tv news caused a new jump in price in May 2015.

WINTER WORLD (IDW 2014) #1 Chuck Dixon’s 1984 classic mini-series was brought back with also media news causing sellouts of #1 and hitting up to $10.00 immediately for the regular and subscription covers.

WOLVERINE #8 9 10 11 12 (MARVEL 2014) Three months to die storyline begins and all issues sell out quickly and immediately go to 2nd printings causing high price increases for this debut issue of the storyline hitting up to $15.00 each on #8 and #9 – Higher price sales as well for later issues. Selling well in sets.

WOLVERINE #66 (Marvel 2008) 1st Old Man Logan later appearing in Secret Wars series.  Sales prices high and low up to $30.00 

WOLVERINE #80 (MARVEL 1994) Rumours that X23 first appeared in this issue shot prices up.

WOLVERINE GIANT SIZE OLD MAN LOGAN (MARVEL 2009) One-shot heated up in July 2015 up to $10.00

WOLVERINE ORIGINS #28 (MARVEL 2008) 1st and 2nd prints jumped in demand. 

WOLVERINES #13 (Marvel 2015) Deadpool appears in this weekly series heated up instantly to $10.00

WOLVERINES #3 1:25 RATIO VARIANT (MARVEL 2015) 1st app Fantomelle – this variant cover was in super high demand driving prices up to $75.00

WONDER WOMAN #184 (DC 2002) Adam Hughes classic cover artwork constantly in demand with copies selling as high as $40.00

WONDER WOMAN #268 (DC 1980) 1st app and only app of Lumberjack heated up in Jan 2015 with news he would appear in the new Supergirl TV show. Up to $40.00

WONDER WOMAN #38 (DC 2015) 1:100 ratio was barely ordered by retailers causing it to heat up to $300.00 a copy for this new key issue.

WONDER WOMAN '77 SPECIAL #1 (DC 2015) Small print run hefty $7.99 comic had a rare 1:25 variant published with Lynda Carter illustration super popular hitting up to $125.00 month after release.

WOODS (BOOM 2014) #1 new ongoing series sold out quickly at Diamond and quickly went to 2nd printing with regular covers selling a bit above cover and high demand for variant covers.

WORLD OF KRYPTON #1-3 (DC 1979) New potential Krypton TV series rumour heats up this classic DC Superman mini-series. This is the first comic book mini-series ever published !

WORLD OF KRYPTON #1-4 (DC 1987) New potential Krypton TV series rumour heats up this classic DC Superman mini-series.

WORMWOOD GENTLEMEN CORPSE (2006) This older series became hot in April 2014 with sporadic high sales.

WRAITH #1 (IDW 2012) Movie news in Dec 2015 heated up back issues.

WWE ONGOING (2014) New ongoing series based on World Wrestling federation sports characters. #1 had 4 regular covers which now sell for up to $50.00 for a set of 5 including the Undertaker variant. Undertaker was very popular bringing at least $15.00 on its own.

WWE SUPERSTARS #1 (SUPER GENIUS 2013) 4 different regular covers featured wrestler CM Punk who retired and this title became hot up to $40.00

WYTCHES #1 (IMAGE 2014) New horror series had immediate news reports of a new show in the works which caused quick sellout and prices jumping up to $10.00.

X-FACTOR (MARVEL 1986) #5 #6 1st appearances of Apocalypse are continually hot yet common with new movie news coming.

X-FACTOR SPECIAL: Layla Miller #1 (Marvel 2008) 1st Ruby Summers - sales up to $10.00

X-FILES CONSPIRACY (IDW 2014) There are a few series and the rarer 1:25 ratio variants are super hot selling between $25 and $60 each.

X-FORCE #2 and #11 (MARVEL 1991) 2nd full app of Deadpool skyrocketed in media coverage and demand once the Deadpool movie was confirmed in Sept 2014. Prices hit up to $30.00 by Oct 2014 and a case of 200 copies sold that month for $2,000.00 at a comic con.

X-MEN #8 (MARVEL 1992) 1st app Belladonna from upcoming Gambit movie.  Prices over $20.00 immediately in August for one of the largest printed comics of all time.

X-MEN: SWORD OF THE BRADDOCKS (Marvel 2009) Psylocke appearance heated up to 30.00 with new movie announcement for character.

YOUNG TERRORISTS #1 (Black Mask 2015) Black Mask officially become speculators favorite indie publisher this summer with constant sellouts of small print run books with high quality stories and art.  This book had numerous variant covers but all sold out immediately with sales up to $13.00 within the first day of release for the regular cover and higher for others.

Y THE LAST MAN (DC 2000) Brian K Vaughan rumours of a potential new movie started brewing but not yet confirmed. Authors popular series once again in demand as his current series Saga continues to dominate in current popularity.

ZATANNA #11-16 (DC 2009) Adam Hughes covers selling individually in $10-15 range. 

ZATANNA - EVERYDAY MAGIC #1 (DC 2003) One-shot scarce up to $35.00

Z-MEN #1 (DOUBLE TAKE 2015) Night of The Living Dead inspired zombie series got movie news and issues jumped a month after release to $10

ZOMBIES VS ROBOTS (IDW 2007) Numerous mini-series are in demand due to new movie news in 2015.

Thanks to John Jackson Miller at for the initial Diamond sales figures data

You can see complete monthly Diamond sales chart data and more stats at his site !

I am always happy to hear your comments and thoughts/criticisms on any of my posts.

Terry Hoknes (author) of Hoknes Comics loves analyzing statistics and watching the growth and fall of comic titles over a period of time. He sells all of the latest hot back issue secondary market new comics and all new Diamond products at and also self-publishes a series of books called “Investing In Comic Books” that focus on the Golden, Silver and Bronze ages of comics. Read more about these hot sold out comics at

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