WIZARD Top 10 Comics - Hottest Comics of JULY 2013 (as compiled by Hoknes Comics www.HoknesComics.com )

We keep a very close watch on all the hottest books trading hands throughout the country.  Here we have the listed for you the 10 most popular books in demand currently rising in value.    We pay tribute to the classic Wizard Magazine monthly top 10 comics with this new current version of the chart at the beginning of each month..
THE LAST OF US (DARK HORSE) – 4 issue mini-series all issues instant sellouts and tie-in to video game.  All issues are sold out and Diamond has sold out of #4 a month before its release.  Currently all 3 1st print issues are selling for on average $23.00 EACH !  #3 hit a high of $41.00 the week of release.  Print runs of issues #1-3 are very low.   Print run of #4 jumped way up and is a common book.  Complete set of 4 issues hit high of $160.00 in early July.    Only #1 has had a reprint so far and that 2nd printing might be so rare that it did not chart which means likely a print run of less than 3,000 copies.   Reprints were scheduled by Dark Horse for #1-3 and then cancelled but now just came out.  Last month was #2   TODD THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH (Image) #1 hit high of $20 immediately in January week of release and then settled down.    Smaller print run.  Mini-series #1-4 is sold out and will become ongoing soon from Image with #5 coming out in a month.  News of a new tv/movie reported on July 13th made the #1 a super hot comic instantly with sales as high as $60 in July but then cooled down again.  #1 and #2 have a 2nd print which are both rarer typically in print run than the originals.  Re-entry into the top 10 this month.
INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US (DC) – the hottest DC title of 2013 with small print runs and 3rd prints selling out.  Peaked in May at $85.00 for set of #1-4      Many sellers with reprint sets that also sell well.   #1 2nd printing hit $12.00   #1 $40 #2 $25 #3 $8 #4 $5 #5-6 $4.   I predicted this could be a hit when I saw the initial print run numbers so low and yet featuring major characters Batman,  Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman etc.   Print runs peaked with #6 and are now leveling out. Last month was #1.  
PETER PANZERFAUST (Image) #1-9 prices peaked in March.  #8 and #9 really hot but less demand for #4-6.  One season of the TV series seems guaranteed.   #1 hit high of $300 now around $200.00   Current prices #2 $60 / #3 $20 / #4-7 $10 each / #8 $20 / #9 $20.  Print runs for #6 7 8 were so low they did not even chart during the month.  #1-9 all had print runs around the 5,000 mark and then the hype caught up and print runs jumped way up to 10,000 for #10 and 17,000 for #11. Last month was #4.
THE WALKING DEAD (Image) #108 1st app Ezekiel and #110 origin and battle of Ezekiel with Michonne.  All back issues #1-110 are sold out and bring above cover prices.  #92 and #93 extremely hot at  $30.00 each.   Retailers upped their orders yet again starting with #109 onwards after the sellout of #108.  This is the highest print runs have ever been (not counting #100).  Last month was #3.   NOWHERE MEN (Image) #1-3 prices had peaked at $40,25,15 in March.    Set of #1-5 now sells for $60.00   #1 $30 / #2 $20 / #3 $10 / #4 $3 / #5 $3.   Note the print run increases for #4 and then #5.   #1 already has a 5th printing – with so many reprints of all issues on the market its hard to sell the reprints at any price currently.  Last month was #5.
 EAST OF WEST (Image) #1 Hot as a pre-seller and has stabilized at $7.00.   4th printing already and sets of #1-4 sell really well.  This is a rare modern example of a comic with a huge print run that still sells out due to popularity and goes to reprints on every issue.  It’s the “2013″ version of Saga in terms of popularity.  Last month was #8.   HAWKEYE #1-10   The hottest back issue current Marvel title with all issues in multiple printings.  #1 and #2 each now settled at about $25.00.  Every issue has been reprinted – #1 and #2 on 5th printings.  New issues still sell out.  It is rare to find a series that issue #10 has a higher print run still than #1.  New entry in the top 10 this month.
SAGA #1-12    #1 still super hot at about $80 down from peak of $100 – all issues in demand even with high print runs.  #12 was hot for a moment when banned by Apple.  Print runs have gone up the last 5 issues in a row.  #12 has a much larger print run than #1. After The Walking Dead sensation Saga is always Image’s best selling title.  Last month ranked #10.   UBER #0-1-2-3   Sold out printings instantly.  Originaly I felt this title was being speculated on too heavily but many sales above cover have proven the demand for this series.   I personally believe this is the single best looking comic of 2013 with glossy paper and amazing colors and artwork.  Some amazing variant covers make it a big job to collect every cover version of each issue.   The first issue was #0 and not #1.  #0 is the rare ones to find.  #0 has a 2nd printing called “enhanced edition”.   Print runs on each individual cover are very low.  There are 4 regular covers of each issue so when you take the worldwide print runs you have to divide it by 4 to get the real print run of each cover.  This makes it more obvious how rare each individual cover is.  In fact there are only about 2,700 copies of each cover of the first issue #0.   Diamond monthly rankings for each issue and the combined print run of all the covers.  New entry in the top 10 this month.
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